Things to do when moving to London to study

There are lots of things to consider when taking the big step of moving to another country to improve your English. Here are 12 things to do when moving to London to study. 

Check your level so you know what courses you can book. Do the Ingla English Level Test today!

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You’ll need to check that you have enough money to study and live in London. Read our advice about money here. Here’s our best advice for saving money in London

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It’s a good idea to have travel and/or health insurance for your time in London, in case anything goes wrong. Read more here. 

Read our expert advice about accommodation options in London

Remember to plan how you will get from the airport to where you are staying in London!

Read about British laws, travel, jobs, banking, healthcare and more on this page

Here’s our recommended packing list

Check your level of English

You’ll need to know your current level of English so that you can choose the best course for you.

Choose your English course

We have lots of courses to suit a range of interests and goals. 


Check if you need a visa

Research what documents you need to enter the UK. 


Research the cost of living in London

It’s important to think about how much money you will need to live in the UK. 

Research Ingla School of English
Book your course

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Send all your documents

It’s important that you send all your documents to Ingla quickly. 

Buy insurance

It’s a good idea to consider health and travel insurance for your time in the UK. 

Find accommodation

You’ll need somewhere to live! Look at our advice about Accommodation.

Research life in the UK

Research about how to go to the doctors, starting a bank account, UK laws and more.

Book your flight

Now that you know the things to do when when moving to London to study, you can plan your journey!

Pack your bag!

Get your suitcase ready. Look at our top tips on what to pack for moving to London.

Grand effort Georgina! Good job putting it all together, graphics, headlines, links and all. 

Some thoughts and observations.

  1. Not sure about the page title (and the main headline) – 

12 things (you need) to know before travelling to London to study English  is clearly too long for the title but attractive keywords-wise, methinks. So there might be an edit there, just no clue into what.  I like the word ‘checklist’ but I’d keep it for the visa related section, with (eventually)  bullet-pointed (check)list of things to consider before pressing ‘APPLY NOW’ button on website =

  • Valid Passport 
  • Proof of that you can support yourself financially (bank statements, payslips)
  • Letter of acceptance for an English course at Ingla
  • Return Ticket 
  • Accommodation Arrangements 
  • Visa Fee Paid 
  • Healthcare Surcharge Paid (if Applicable) 
  • Tuberculosis test (if applicable) 
  • Sponsor Letter (if applicable) 
  • Sponsor’s financial status (if applicable)
  1. We’ll need to work on a paragraph under the main headline to include a blurb on what punters can see/find on the page.
  2. I think it’d be good to add a mini blurb (1-3 sentences) under/next to each smaller headline to describe what is meant by the headline (keywords) 
  3. Link from Choose your English course takes us to the page with GE levels + level comparison chart (LCC). All good, but maybe should be linked to the page with all types of courses available at Ingla. GP CHANGED IT TO ALL COURSES

4.1 Nelsino has an expanded version of the LCC, including Trinity and Guided Learning Hours (GLH),yet be colourised to make things stand out and clearer. GP REQUESTED THIS FROM NELSON

  1. Link from headline : Check if you need a visa

The Short Term Study Visa is for you if you would like to study English in the UK for between 6 and 11 months. To apply for this visa you must have a visa letter from an British Council accredited school, like Ingla, showing that you are enrolled on a course. – (not only British Council grants accreditations = Accreditation UK is the awarding  body, in fact, but since there are others it may be better to generalise like that) 

5.1 Same section = 

After your English course is finished you can stay in the UK an extra 30 days, and then you must leave (before the 11 month period finishes – so that punters don’t think it’s 11 months + 30 days) 

  1. We might need to double-check and confirm the current cost of related fees =
  • Visa fee
  • Healthcare Surcharge
  1. I assume that the Research the cost of living in London section is linked to the FAQ page temporarily, until we create the page with the cost breakdown/price range per identified area. 
  2. Send your documents Book your Course are linked to Enrolment page, but I’m guessing it’s also for the time being. WHERE ELSE DO I LINK THEM TO?