Living in the UK

At Ingla, we know that new students may require assistance or guidance regarding various aspects of living in the UK.

Our welfare staff will be able to provide the necessary information about the basic UK laws, opening a bank account, applying for a National Insurance number, registering with a doctor, local places of worship, leisure and entertainment venues or travelling around London.

If you require information about any of these issues please contact us.

LIVING in the UK

Becoming familiar with the laws of a different country may be a difficult task for foreign students. Some of the laws and regulations might be the same or similar to the ones in your country – but when in doubt please talk to our welfare officer for advice. For full information about living in the UK please visit or if you would like to find out more about UK laws

While living, studying and working in the UK you might come across situations when you need professional help with legal issues, housing, employment or citizen rights. Our local Citizen Advice Bureau will be able to assist you regarding most matters or direct you to the appropriate person or organisation. To find the CAB Office nearest to where you live visit

Job Centres provide information on employment issues, training programmes and help you obtain a National Insurance number.

The National Insurance Number is a legal requirement if you want to start working in the UK – our welfare staff can help you book the appointment and prepare the necessary documentation.

If you are planning on living or working in London, you need to register with a GP (General Practitioner). Your GP is your first point of contact for healthcare and he/she can direct you to other NHS services if necessary. If you are not a resident of the UK, you may have to pay for some NHS services. Emergency treatment is usually free on NHS

To find your nearest GP/dentist/hospital please visit and type in your full postcode.

If you need to access NHS services (such as going to the hospital) you should have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card). These cards don’t cover all costs, so it’s best if you also buy travel insurance.

Please consult the British government’s website for changes in Coronavirus (Covid-19) travel regulations.

The safest and easiest way to manage your money is to open an account at a British bank. To do this, go to any bank with your passport, proof of address (like a gas or electric bill), and a confirmation letter from Ingla.

Talk to reception staff if you need any help or advice.

Another popular and safe option is to have an online bank account. Apps like Revolut, Monzo, and Starling Bank let you control your money from an app on your phone and are great for sending and receiving money internationally.

The Ingla School of English is located in the north London borough of Haringey.

The Council offers advice and deals with social issues like education, community and leisure activities, environment, housing, benefits, waste collection, parking and many more.

Please visit for detailed information on council services.

London is a multi-cultural city where people can freely practice a religion or follow a system of belief.

Our local area offers many opportunities for people to visit places of religious interest and there is list of local places of worship available from our Welfare staff.

London is unique with its public transport network available for the commuters and tourists.

With the oldest and one of the biggest underground system in the world, hundreds of bus routes and convenient city rail network, London may seem like a mysterious labyrinth to navigate through. For the latest travel updates and to plan your journey across town please visit

To travel, you can pay by contactless debit or credit card, or you must use the Oyster Travel Card. You can get an Oyster Card online, at most stations, or at some off licences (convenience stores). You can pay as you go, or buy a daily, weekly or monthly travel card.

Ingla students are issued with a student ID card which may entitle them to a discount in some cinemas, museums, galleries and shops. To fully enjoy the extra benefits of studying take advantage of numerous student discount schemes and offers we recommend applying for International Student Identity Card.

Visit or ask our welfare staff for help with your application.