Learning Programme

Learning Programme

How can you improve your English with Ingla School of English? Read all about our specially designed Learning Programme!

Online? At school? Or both? At Ingla, you don’t have to choose. Our flexible programme for learning English fits with your modern, busy lifestyle

· Blended Learning Programme

With Ingla’s face-to-face classes at our school in North London, we also have a big variety of English lessons, which you can do together with online lessons. This is our Blended Learning Programme.

You can study grammar and vocabulary online, but maybe you’d prefer to have your speaking lessons face-to-face in the classroom. Or perhaps you’d like to combine your grammar and vocabulary lessons from school, with a 1:1 programme online specially designed for you and your needs.


· Online Learning Programme

Ingla’s Online Programme is divided into convenient Minis. These are 12 hours of guided learning in a virtual classroom with a qualified teacher.

Three days a week for four weeks, you can focus on General English, speaking, exam preparation (FCE, CAE, IELTS, GESE, ISE), Business English or many other options. Every 3 Minis you complete equals a Module. To finish a full course you can do 3 Minis of General English (grammar and vocabulary), 3 Minis of speaking practice, and 3 Minis of anything else. Three Minis equals a Module, and three modules equals a Course. That’s 108 hours of high quality English practice, which you can do all at once in three months, or slowly when it fits your schedule.


English learning programme

At Ingla we’re famous for our flexibility, and whether you want to study at school, online, or both we have a programme guaranteed to improve your English.

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