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How can you improve your English with Ingla School of English?

Read all about our specially designed Learning Programme!

Online? At school? Or both? At Ingla, you don’t have to choose. Our flexible programme for learning English fits with your modern, busy lifestyle.

· Blended Learning Programme

With Ingla’s face-to-face classes at our school in North London, we also have a big variety of English lessons, which you can do together with online lessons. This is our Blended Learning Programme.

You can study grammar and vocabulary online, but maybe you’d prefer to have your speaking lessons face-to-face in the classroom. Or perhaps you’d like to combine your grammar and vocabulary lessons from school, with a 1:1 programme online specially designed for you and your needs.

· Online Learning Programme

Ingla’s Online Programme offers the opportunity to have 60-minute online classes with one of our qualified teachers. After a test, online students work out a personalised Online Learning Programme with their teacher depending on their choices and their goals. 

Group online classes will start again from January 2022.

English learning programme

At Ingla we’re famous for our flexibility, and whether you want to study at school, online, or both we have a programme guaranteed to improve your English.

What our students say

Dasa BaskaDasa Baska
19:47 24 May 22
Great teachers, great friendly atmosphere. I can recommend to anyone
Zahi G.Zahi G.
20:11 05 Apr 22
I was studying in Ingla and It was a amazing experience, the team had helped me with every inquiry that I had about the courses and in general, they are so nice. I attended a B2 general English and a Speaking course every evening. I especially like the B2 because the group was smaller and we had a lot fun while we were learning, Nelson was my teacher and I think his teaching method is great, I also had such a nice group.In my opinion the speaking class could be improved, or better classified. For me was boring sometimes because I couldn’t realize the activities cos the difference of level wit some classmates. But the teacher are well qualified and helpful.I hope to come back soon to continue the improvement of my skills.The activities o Friday with Alex are stupendous.
Tennessee CordierTennessee Cordier
23:15 17 Dec 21
This school is just amazing I highly recommend it. The staff and the teachers are very qualified and helpful on so many level. The management team is very understandable and always tries to accommodate when it come to payment. Not only Ingla School of English improved my level of English drastically, this school also gave me friends for life.
Georgiana MusoiGeorgiana Musoi
11:43 24 Nov 21
The environment was friendly the teacher tried to explain everything you don’t understand in that moment, everyone they are helpful and And you have many options to go attend on the course.The teacher treat you Eagle and with professional. The communication between teacher and student is very good.The location of the school is very accessible for everyone.It’s worth it! 💐👍
Gonzalo BarralGonzalo Barral
17:11 09 Nov 21
I strongly recommend this place, there are amazing people working here! I'm really enjoying my classes and tbh the facilities are pretty good.See you soon 🙂
Zilan KaradagZilan Karadag
12:09 05 Sep 21
It was a good experience! I had a lot of fun. The teacher were great you could always talk to them, If there were any questions
12:12 17 Mar 21
I’ve been studying for 2 years,It’s the best English school in London !!!
Irina LianaIrina Liana
15:05 01 Feb 21
I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all those who are working for this wonderful school. Whether tutors, or reception staff, all of them have been working hard to provide a great learning environment.Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated tutors are ready to help you to achieve your best on your journey to the IELTS Exam.
11:30 18 Jan 21
This is the best language course that you can learn English. Teachers are well qualified and all the staff tries to do their best to make you satisfied.
shaimaa ahmadshaimaa ahmad
18:58 11 Dec 20
I really enjoyed my studies at this school..the teachers are so nice and helpful, my language has improved a lot
Jakub OrenczakJakub Orenczak
10:52 02 Dec 20
I really recommend this school . During studying in Ingla I thoroughly enjoyed myself . Teachers are friendly and helpful.