My Packing List for Moving to London

This is what I put in my suitcase when I decided to move to London.

Four years ago, I packed my bags and travelled to the cool skyline of the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. I didn’t know anyone there. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t really know what my life would look like in the months ahead.

So what did I pack when I was getting ready? 

Check the weather forecast for the month you move so that you’re not freezing or overheating as soon as you arrive! Then research the average weather for the seasons you will be here. Remember it tends to be cold and wet in Autumn, Winter and Spring, so a coat is always a useful item! I brought some of my favourite clothes – things that I feel happy in. 

There are plenty of clothes shops in London anyway, so you can always pick up more things for your wardrobe if you need them. 

A passport is vital for travelling obviously! It was also useful as proof of identity for my school, landlord, and when I wanted to apply for a travel card or discount card. 

Personally, I don’t need a visa but make sure you bring your documents with you if you do. I also brought my driver’s license. 

Remember to take high quality photographs of your birth certificate, passport and other important documents – just in case something happens to the real ones! 

Obviously I brought my phone and charger. A phone is really handy for a translator, maps, researching attractions, putting reminders into my calendar, messaging my school or friends, and of course, calls home to family.

I also had a laptop which I brought with me. It was handy for school work, researching places that I wanted to visit on a bigger screen, and for watching films to relax. 

Remember to check if you need a travel adaptor for your devices. You can always buy this in the airport if you forget!

Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hairbrush, make-up – I packed those ordinary things that I use regularly. 

Remember to pack your medicines! It’s even better if you bring a list of your medicines from your doctor, so that you can easily bring it to a doctor (GP) or pharmacist in London when you need more. 

There are plenty of shops in London, so it’s easy to pick up items. That said, it’s handy to have some basics, or your favourite speciality products, to start with until you figure out where your local shops are. 

I really enjoy an actual paper book to get an overview of a place and have as a starter guide when I’m getting to know a place. My book also included a paper map, which gave me confidence as I went on my first adventure through the streets of London. 

This said, a travel guide book is not vital – all of that same information is available on the Internet. 

These things helped me when I felt a bit homesick.

-a photo of my family to put up next to my bed.

-I really enjoy knitting as a hobby, so I brought some tools so that I could do this when I was relaxing. Obviously it depends on your hobby – if it’s something big, or requires a lot of equipment, then it might not be realistic to bring it with you!

-a packet of my favourite biscuits, that I knew that I could not easily get in London. 

-a particular tomato spread that I love in my sandwiches!

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So these were the things that I put in my suitcase when I moved to London. It’s a great experience to live in a new city, and it’s exciting to try new products and explore new shops. I hope this list helps you as you get ready to come for your London adventure!

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