Read all about our accreditations, ensuring that we are a qualified English school that provides quality teaching.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation that creates cultural relationships and sets educational standards for English schools around the world.

British Council’s purpose is to make sure that an English school is of a high quality and effective in the way it teaches English, and that they are friendly and fair to students. Your country probably has British Council accredited schools where you can study English. In the UK, schools with British Council accreditation can help students get visas to enter the country as a student.

Ingla is a British Council accredited school. We go through a British Council inspection every four years (with surprise visits in between!) to make sure that all our lessons, teachers, management and safety procedures are effective and up-to-date. One thing they check is whether every teacher has suitable teaching qualifications. 

The British Council also checks if we are honest and fair in the way we deal with our students. Do we give students good information about courses, class times and visas before they start studying at Ingla? Do we give true and accurate prices? Do we explain to students how our school runs? Do we take care of our students’ mental, physical, and social welfare and show them everything that London has to offer?  (- Yes!)

At Ingla, we aim to do all these things and give our students a world-class education in English. The British Council helps us reach these goals.

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English Language Qualifications

Ingla is a proud member of English UK.

This is a membership organisation for accredited English-language schools whose purpose is to help our sector develop and become better. English UK works with agents, students, governments, global organisations and more to make sure that English schools in the UK are the best they can be. They regularly provide help, advice, support and training for its member schools. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, English UK has given advice to Ingla, and other member schools around the UK, training on how to teach English effectively online, guidance on how to re-open our school in a way that is safe for students and staff, and has asked the British government to help EFL schools during this crisis. Being a part of English UK has made Ingla a better, more professional place to learn English.

The Trinity GESE and ISE Exams are some of the most important language exams in the UK. Trinity’s exams are SELTs (Secure English Language Tests) which are accepted by the United Kingdom’s Border Agency for visas and British citizenship, as well as TfL (Transport for London) for private hire car drivers (Uber).

Ingla is proud to be one of only eight centres in London to be an official Trinity Exam Preparation Centre. This means that Trinity has given us their stamp of approval and thinks we’re a great school to help students prepare for their GESE and ISE exams. Trinity offers Ingla support in the form of guidance and materials for preparation. Several of Ingla’s teachers have even been to Trinity’s headquarters for training on how to successfully prepare students for their Trinity exams. 

This shows in the fact that more than 90% of people who prepare for the Trinity Exams at Ingla achieve a Pass and get the certificate they need. Choose Ingla when you want to prepare for a Trinity exam. We have a track record of success and we’re an official Trinity Preparation Centre. You’re in good hands with us!


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 All you need to know about Trinity Exams

Trinity Courses at Ingla

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English Language Qualifications and what they are good for

What our students say

14:16 03 Apr 24
Ingla is not just a course, but also a very important supporter in getting used to London.. the teachers are very qualified and the course environment is friendly.. I highly recommend
sedef safasedef safa
12:18 01 Apr 24
Ingla School provided me with an excellent environment to enhance my language skills. The teachers were friendly and experienced, and our lessons were always interactive and engaging. Thanks to the resources and activities offered by the school, my language proficiency improved rapidly. I highly recommend this school to anyone.
samira rachydsamira rachyd
10:06 26 Mar 24
Fernanda AzevedoFernanda Azevedo
12:20 13 Mar 24
I really enjoyed studying in England. The teachers are nice and attentive. The content is also very relevant.
Monika Renata ZiemeckaMonika Renata Ziemecka
13:08 03 Mar 24
This school was a game changer for my development, gave me confidence and released my anxiety about the English grammar. Amazing support from teachers and friendly stuff. Highly recommend it.
Yahya GürsuYahya Gürsu
21:01 01 Mar 24
Lorenzo Spada silvaLorenzo Spada silva
15:00 09 Feb 24
Yagmur AkarsuYagmur Akarsu
14:48 09 Feb 24
It was perfect experience for me. Ingla School family is very friendly and helpful! I am so happy to meet them ❤️😊
Angélica CruzAngélica Cruz
05:25 15 Jan 24
Thank you for had been my second home in London! Not only my brain had an excellent challenging English long course... but also I will definitely keep lovely people in my heart!
09:56 20 Dec 23
Esra TeymurEsra Teymur
15:23 15 Dec 23
It was a great experience for me. My teachers are friendly and helpful. I will miss this place. Thank you very much for everything Ingla.
cenk eksioglucenk eksioglu
13:08 28 Nov 23
It is not just a school that provides education but also a family. You will not regret it.
Kaue PradoKaue Prado
16:37 12 Nov 23
Simply the best school of English I could ever have chosen to study English. All the teachers are great, the school has a lot of different classes for everyone's needs and they also have lovely people on the staff! Just perfect, I really love them all. I had the best experience of my life with them!
Shibdoyal AnishShibdoyal Anish
13:26 26 Oct 23
High quality of the professors and very welcoming atmosphere!
Yasmin BerbertYasmin Berbert
19:23 10 Oct 23
Everything was incredible, the classes, the people, the teachers, I have nothing to complain about, I just have to praise and a good environment to be in that encourages you to speak and practice your English without fear of making mistakes, speaking of which, it was one of the places that in time The time I spent in London was the best time for me to be able to talk in English and train. I love England ❤
Luwam FeshaLuwam Fesha
14:49 10 Oct 23
my experience was amazing, l got a friendly class mates and great teacher , everything was smooth and very helpful for me ! Thanks Ingla
I was very happy studying in Ingla school. Nice atmosphere. Lots of practice and speaking part. Nice teachers and good way to teach students. We learned a lot of new things. Thank you Ingla school! I hope I’ll come back and continue B2 level.
18:44 15 Sep 23
For me, Ingra is not only a school, but also my home in the UK. Or if you've decided to learn English as a foreigner, this school should be your first (and best) safe place in London. Having tried a few other language schools, I can say the people here are great. Once you visit here, you will definitely realize its meaning.It may not be a well-known school for people like me who are coming to the UK for YMS, but after trying many other schools, I personally recommend it the most. In addition to being able to experience British culture through extracurricular activities, I was able to receive a discount on tuition through the internship system, and I was able to get closer to the students, which gave me the opportunity to slowly change my shyness. Please take a trial lesson once ☺️
Banu YatağanBanu Yatağan
05:00 27 Jun 23
If you want to learn English from professional teachers, you are the right place. At the same time, you feel that you are at home since everybody here is so calm and helpful.
Flavia Eloiza TeixeiraFlavia Eloiza Teixeira
15:06 16 Jun 23
I've lived in England for years and I've always had difficulties learning English, and in English this has become possible and enjoyable. Thanks ingla ❤️
Eloísa Torres SosaEloísa Torres Sosa
09:21 29 May 23
Fantastic English school. Great teachers who are willing to help you in any matter. In addition to classes, they organize very interesting activities and cultural visits.100% recommended!!
Angela Manzano N.Angela Manzano N.
14:17 15 May 23
I loved studying in England! I felt like family from the first minute. What can I say about your services? Small group classes, flexibility, super involved and charming teachers, very good price.
Seda IsikSeda Isik
09:51 12 May 23
A great school where you feel like you are in good hands. From the lady at the reception to the head of the school, all super nice, helpful and friendly people. This allowed me to settle in straight away. In addition to the courses I attended, leisure activities were offered. This enabled me to make contacts more quickly in order to make new friends.It was nice to meet people who encourage you to keep talking.The teachers are very patient, even if you have asked a question 3 times. I found the lessons varied and well thought out.I have not once regretted my choice of school!Absolute recommendation!!! :)Thanks to the Ingla team 🙏🏼Kind regards, Seda (3 months abroad)
Viola MereuViola Mereu
12:53 04 May 23
The best English school I attended. All teachers are professional, the staff is very friendly and always ready to help you. Every week the school organises very fun events that give you the chance to get to know London and socialise with people from all over the world.
Nawa TavaresNawa Tavares
19:12 02 May 23
The best school you could choose in London. The teachers and the other students became a family. I really hope to return one day.
15:07 25 Jan 23
The best school of the world, the teachers are amazing, the classes are funny. I could know a lot of people around the world in this school, share experience and culture. Thank INGLA for everything!
Gabriela AndradeGabriela Andrade
13:41 05 Jan 23
I am very grateful to all of you at school, I loved the classes and the whole team, always very friendly and smiling, the classes with Poul were also great. I hope to get back soon! Have a great new year. ❤️🥰
Svetlana NikkarSvetlana Nikkar
12:29 25 Oct 22
I was studying at Ingla one year ago. I attended IELTS course. It was an amazing experience. All the staff are very helpful and friendly. Also, after this course I was successful on my IELTS exam. Moreover, Ingla school provides a lot of interesting events, where you can practice your english outside of classes as well. Definitely recommend! The best experience ever. Thank you so much, Ingla!
Çağla KarakaşÇağla Karakaş
21:07 24 Oct 22
First of all, I am very happy to join the INGLA family. I loved my teachers. They were all very friendly and helpful. I have always loved the lessons, they made my English learning more fun. I spent a very productive time both having fun and learning at the events. If I had the chance to choose again, I would choose the Ingla family again.
My experience at Ingla was amazing from the first moment I went into the school. Honestly, it’s more than just a school: it is the perfect place to improve English, make new friends from all over the world. The teachers are great, there are a lot of activities. I really miss pub nights. Thank you for everything.
Paola RoccatiPaola Roccati
11:58 19 Aug 22
I would like to thank all the staff and especially the my teachers.I had a great time with you.It was a wonderful experience, and I feel my English has improved even though I still have a long way to go.I found a family here, who welcome me with kindness.Thanks to all of you! You will stay in my thoughts forever.A hug,Paola RoccatiP.S. The oldest student you’ll ever have!
Dasa BaskaDasa Baska
19:47 24 May 22
Great teachers, great friendly atmosphere. I can recommend to anyone
Zahi G.Zahi G.
20:11 05 Apr 22
I was studying in Ingla and It was a amazing experience, the team had helped me with every inquiry that I had about the courses and in general, they are so nice. I attended a B2 general English and a Speaking course every evening. I especially like the B2 because the group was smaller and we had a lot fun while we were learning, Nelson was my teacher and I think his teaching method is great, I also had such a nice group.In my opinion the speaking class could be improved, or better classified. For me was boring sometimes because I couldn’t realize the activities cos the difference of level wit some classmates. But the teacher are well qualified and helpful.I hope to come back soon to continue the improvement of my skills.The activities o Friday with Alex are stupendous.
Tennessee CordierTennessee Cordier
23:15 17 Dec 21
This school is just amazing I highly recommend it. The staff and the teachers are very qualified and helpful on so many level. The management team is very understandable and always tries to accommodate when it come to payment. Not only Ingla School of English improved my level of English drastically, this school also gave me friends for life.
Georgiana MusoiGeorgiana Musoi
11:43 24 Nov 21
The environment was friendly the teacher tried to explain everything you don’t understand in that moment, everyone they are helpful and And you have many options to go attend on the course.The teacher treat you Eagle and with professional. The communication between teacher and student is very good.The location of the school is very accessible for everyone.It’s worth it! 💐👍
Gonzalo BarralGonzalo Barral
17:11 09 Nov 21
I strongly recommend this place, there are amazing people working here! I'm really enjoying my classes and tbh the facilities are pretty good.See you soon 🙂
Zilan KaradagZilan Karadag
12:09 05 Sep 21
It was a good experience! I had a lot of fun. The teacher were great you could always talk to them, If there were any questions
12:12 17 Mar 21
I’ve been studying for 2 years,It’s the best English school in London !!!
Irina LianaIrina Liana
15:05 01 Feb 21
I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all those who are working for this wonderful school. Whether tutors, or reception staff, all of them have been working hard to provide a great learning environment.Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated tutors are ready to help you to achieve your best on your journey to the IELTS Exam.
11:30 18 Jan 21
This is the best language course that you can learn English. Teachers are well qualified and all the staff tries to do their best to make you satisfied.
shaimaa ahmadshaimaa ahmad
18:58 11 Dec 20
I really enjoyed my studies at this school..the teachers are so nice and helpful, my language has improved a lot
Jakub OrenczakJakub Orenczak
10:52 02 Dec 20
I really recommend this school . During studying in Ingla I thoroughly enjoyed myself . Teachers are friendly and helpful.
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