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This is our Ingla blog page! Each week, we’ll post a blog about relelvant topics written by our Ingla teachers.

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Two Vaccines? No Need to Quarantine

The most recent update on Covid-19 quarantine rules by the British government makes it easier ...
code blog

Learn to Code Online

Learn to Code Online in 2021 First things first: what is coding? Coding is a ...
mental health IMAGE

3 Apps for Better Mental Health

Better Mental Health It seems like life is getting more and more stressful these days! ...
Bank holiday graphic

What Is A Bank Holiday?

What is a Bank Holiday, and Why does the UK even have them? Eight times ...
water importance

Clean Water

Why Clean Drinking Water Is Important! How often do you think about what’s in your ...
Three Charitable post

Charitable Organisations in North London

Three Charitable Organisations in North London That We Love When it comes to helping others, ...

What are allotments and why are they important?

allot /əlɒt/ : distribute, allocate. Allotments are areas of privately or publicly-owned land which are ...

3 Bike Problems You Can Fix At Home

So, something’s gone wrong with your bike. What can you do to fix it? Sometimes ...
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