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This is our Ingla blog page! Each week, we’ll post a blog about relelvant topics written by our Ingla teachers.


What does a carer do?

A Day in the Life: What are a Carer’s Responsibilities?

At Ingla, we’re very proud of our alumni. There’s nothing that warms our heart more ...
What is pride month?

What is Pride month?

In June the sun comes out and so do rainbow flags all around the world ...

Football in London

Some of London’s football clubs are known around the world – Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs. ...
Museums in London blog website image (1)

Museums of London to Visit in 2021

Since May 17th 2021, we’re delighted that many of the museums of London have opened ...
The History of London blog website image

The History of London

Level: A2 London is a city with many years of history. Here are some of ...
To be English blog website image

What does it mean to be English?

Level: B2/C1 What does it mean to be English? What defines us as a people? ...
5 Things to Do When You Move to London blog website image

5 Things To Do When You Move To London

So you’ve just moved to London. It can be very easy to feel at sea ...
Things to do in London 2021 blog website image

Things to do in London in 2021

Do you know how to improve your English and enjoy a city? Here are our ...
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