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Ingla is a modern, warm and vibrant English language school in North London that offers small classes and an intimate learning environment. We teach English not just as a language but as an experience – learning is immersive using real life scenarios to enable our students to be confident in any situation. Our team is enthusiastic, dynamic and supportive – we go above and beyond to make our students’ experience in London as successful, rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


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In English we often #miss out #syllables - here are some #common ones below.

Hmmm - interesting, favourite, naturally - can you guess which syllables we drop in these three words?
#pronunciation #learnEnglish #London

Dance the night away at our Silent Disco in the Woods this Saturday at #TheGreatFête, after enjoying an evening of soulful tunes at our outdoor cinema screening of Dreamgirls 🎬 Book tickets for these activities and check out the full programme here https://t.co/CwJEAcH8dL


Well look at that! Thanks to our spacious dorms, good vibes and fantastic prices .. We are now one of London's Top 10 luxury hostels! https://t.co/Z1uPjXyZHV Thank you everyone! We are also a hotel! And a bar! And a restaurant! And lots of fun!

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