Ingla Affiliates

There’s strength in numbers, and strength in community.

At Ingla School of English, we believe that for a student to learn English they need to be part of a community, and for a business to survive and grow the same is true.

Ingla has always been an active part of the Turnpike Lane, Wood Green and Haringey communities. We have been a part of the Wood Green Bid and pride ourselves on having a good relationship with other businesses throughout the area. 

The Ingla Affiliate Programme lets us make these partnerships formal and mutually beneficial.

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Being an Ingla Affiliate

You can find hundreds of our students, Inglans, wearing our trademark orange wristband all over North London. As an affiliate, this means extra business for you. In exchange for allowing Ingla to put some promotional materials in your shop or restaurant, encouraging your customers to study English with us, and giving a benefit or small discount to our students we will:

  • Encourage our students in London to visit your shop (up to 150 students per term, 4 terms per year)
  • Put your promotional materials (flyers, leaflets, etc.) at our reception
  • Promote your business on our website (100+ visits per day)

This will give you access to hundreds of new customers who are, often, new to London and need advice on how to access services and recommendations on which shops to use.

Map of Ingla Affiliates

All Ingla students are given information about our Ingla Affiliates. Our Ingla Affiliate map is accessible to students on our website, as well as in school. We also include information about the services each Ingla Affiliate provides and any special discounts for Ingla students. 


Being part of our Affiliates Programme makes you more visible to potential new customers. The vast majority of our students live in the Turnpike Lane/Haringey area, so they are always looking for local services like yours! Even students who live further away are interested in businesses nearby, for the convenience of doing things in the surrounding area before, between or after their lessons.

Contact us now at or call us on 020 8889 1208 to become an Ingla Affiliate and join our community.

Ingla Affiliate Referral+ Programme

If you like the sound of Ingla’s Affiliate Programme, and you want to get even more actively involved, we also have a Referral+ Programme. This is designed for Ingla Affiliates who want to do more than just put our flyers in their shop. As a Referral+ Affiliate you would act more like an agent, taking an active part in bringing students to Ingla to study English. You would get all the benefits of being an Ingla Affiliate, noted above, and more:

  • High-quality promotional materials, explaining course options, times and prices
  • Unique Reference Number or QR Code to help us track students you send to Ingla
  • All the benefits and protections of being an agent, including an Agent Agreement contract
  • Commission, dependent on the number of students you send to Ingla