Ingla Enrolment

Before joining Ingla

Before enrolling (joining) any of our Ingla Courses, anyone who wants to join Ingla needs to complete the Level Test (unless their level of English is Beginner). Usually, a member of the Ingla Admin and Sales Team will also contact interested people to get to know the person a little better and to get a better understanding of his/her interest in learning English.

If you want to join Ingla, it’ is important that you consider how long you want to book for and how available you are for lessons. We all know that attending a course requires hard work, commitment and lots of energy so you should look carefully at your personal commitments and your work schedule and realistically work out the amount of time you are likely to be available to attend English classes..

However, don’t worry – one of our strengths at Ingla is our flexibility and if Inglans (the name we call our students at Ingla) need to make changes, we listen to them and do our best to allow them to make the changes they want to. 

If you’re not sure that lessons at Ingla are right for you, we give everyone the chance to check this for themselves by offering a FREE TRIAL LESSON in all courses at their level so they can be sure they are making the right decision when booking with Ingla School of English.


You can register (enrrol) for a course or courses online or in-person at the school if this is easier. 

We need you to complete your registration documents online but we have space at Reception for you to do this at school if you need any help.

The Registration Fee for a new Inglan is £50. This is payable at the time of registration and is usually non-refundable. This Registration Fee is a once-in-a-lifetime payment – in other words, any person who joins Ingla will only ever pay the Registration Fee once.

Documents and information we will ask for when you register:

To register at Ingla, you will need to:

• complete our Ingla Registration Form (online)- including sharing your personal details, your address and details of 2 emergency contacts 

• share your photo ID (passport or biometric residence permit/card)

• share proof of your status in the UK (visa information, UK residence status)

• confirm that you accept ‘Ingla’s Terms and Conditions for Inglans’

• show proof of payment if you have made a payment online

Documents we will give you when you register:

The Registration Fee includes:
• Level Test
• official Ingla Registration -documents and letters (eg for visa applications, opening bank accounts)
• Progress and End-of-Course testing and assessment
• Ingla Tutorials
• End-of-Booking / End-of-Course certificates
• help with booking external exams
• References for employment/further studies, etc
• access to the Ingla Library
• support from Ingla Welfare – care and general advice to Inglans about any issues while studying at Ingla
• access to Ingla Internship Programme opportunities
• invitations to Ingla Events
• memberships of Ingla Clubs

The Registration Fee does not include:

The Registration fee does not include:

• coursebooks and study materials

• external exam fees

• travel expenses and entry fees to Ingla Events, Ingla Clubs and other expenses 

• insurance

• surcharges when paying by PayPal, bank transfer or credit card

Please remember:

All students must be 18 or over

The maximum class size is 13 students (4-8 on average) and no new registrations can be made once the class reaches the maximum number of students

All fees must be paid or a Payment Plan must be arranged before an Inglan can start a booking

Certificates will be provided to Inglans who request them

The information you provide will be stored by Ingla in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). For more information, see the Privacy Policy in the ‘Ingla Policies’ section

Any additional work commitment undertaken by you during the course of studies does not entitle you to a course extension or refund. However, you might be able to attend classes at your level during a different time session. This option is a subject to class availability and must be arranged with the Ingla Admin Team. An Ingla Student Card can be requested by Inglans who are registered for a minimum of 4 weeks at 9 hours a week