‘Why Online English Classes are Better Than Apps”’

‘Why Online English Classes are Better Than Apps”’
Why online English classes are better than apps blog

Why Online English Classes are Better Than Apps

The global outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed the lives of so many people in so many different ways. Healthcare systems around the world are being pushed to their limits and our idea of community and social gatherings has become a taboo. Having a cup of coffee with your neighbours, or an after-work drink with your colleagues is something that isn’t possible at the moment. One positive thing that has come from the Coronavirus outbreak is that people are using their time in lockdown to learn new skills and improve themselves. We can see this in the expansion of online learning and e-classes. Everyone is online learning how to play an instrument, do origami, or learn a language. With a million different websites, apps, and programmes it can be a confusing time for somebody who wants to study to English. What’s the best system for learning? Are online classes too expensive? How can I find the time to study? In my opinion online classes are much better than apps like DuoLingo or Babbel, and much more effective than chat sites like Cambly. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Real Teachers, Real Connections


Would you rather learn English from a talking owl, or from a real, live English teacher? With online English classes you have the benefit of learning from a CELTA qualified teacher with real-world classroom experience in London. If you have a question about grammar or a misunderstanding about vocabulary you can ask your teacher – a real human being. You don’t have to read through user comments or confusing explanations, a real teacher can bring it to life using their knowledge, creativity and the power of the internet. Online classes also offer you a sense of community and connection. For people who have not been directly, medically affected by Coronavirus, social isolation has been one of the most negative aspects of this outbreak. People are social and online classes offer you the opportunity to meet other students from around the world from the safety and comfort of your living room. 


  • Lessons with a plan and structure


Most online chat apps have no structure to their “lessons”. Yes, you may be able to speak to a real native speaker, but they usually won’t have any teaching experience or a lesson plan ready. Talking to someone for 15 minutes isn’t going to significantly improve your level of English. Lessons on language learning apps, too, can often teach you strange things that aren’t very useful. “Ana is eating a canary?”, when am I going to use this in real life? With online classes, you’ll take part in lessons designed by trained teachers. These lessons are communicative, fun and engaging. You’ll learn things that will be useful for everyday life in an atmosphere that has structure and logic.


  • Online English classes are affordable


Many people think that an online English course, with real teachers from London will be expensive. They think that a free app or a cheap subscription to an online language course is a better idea, but our friends at Ingla School of English are offering one-hour lessons for just £10 a day. That means that you could study for 6 weeks for the price of 2 weeks in a physical English school in London. The teachers are the same, the level of education is the same, but it’s so much better for your wallet. Also, because of the Coronavirus outbreak many companies like Ingla are showing their generous side in this time of need. They are offering one free week of online lessons to anyone who is interested in learning English.


  • Online English classes are flexible


Don’t think you have lots of time to learn? Haven’t you watched everything on Netflix? Seriously, though, online English classes are as flexible as you need them to be. Wherever you are in the world – Brazil, Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, China, or Japan – there are classes that run at all times of the day. You can have a one-hour English lesson with your morning coffee, you can take a break from working at home in the middle of the day, or finish your evening by filling your brain before bed – think of it as a midnight snack for your mind. You can find an hour or two during the day to invest in your future. Sometimes it might feel like the world is on pause, but this is the kind of opportunity that rarely comes along in life. Many people now have lots of free time, and you can use it to improve your skills and get ready for life after Coronavirus. 

For years people have been saying that online learning is the wave of the future. Well, the 

future is now. Sign up ingla.online for an online English class and start making a difference.