Why Learn English?

Here are the benefits and opportunities of learning English!

English is now seen as the global language of communication – for business and entertainment.

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Speaking English opens up another world of culture and opportunity! You can talk to so many people about history, new technology, politics, religion, traditions, news items, books, sports and everything else related to culture!

Here are our tips if you don’t feel confident speaking English. What if you find it difficult to share your ideas with native English speakers? If this sounds like you, don’t worry: like everything, confidence and fluency comes through practice… and luckily, it has never been easier to practice speaking! Below are a few easy ways to boost your English speaking skills, and not all of them require a native speaker!

  • Attend a local language meet-up, or find a buddy for a 1:1 language exchange 
  • Send voice messages to your friends in English instead of texting them
  • Order takeaway over the phone instead of via an app
  • When watching an English movie, pause and read the subtitles aloud before listening to how the actor says it
  • If you use Siri or Alexa, program it to English!
  • Offer to give directions, help or advice to people in English
  • Listen to a story (or choose one of your own anecdotes) and practice re-telling it in different ways
  • Join our English for Speaking lessons and hang out with your Ingla classmates after class! This is undoubtedly the best and most immersive way to practice speaking – you’ll hear a lot of different English accents, get lots of support, and make a lot of friends!

Remember: there is always someone less proficient than you, and the fact that you’ve read this page means that you have enough interest to make rapid progress – speak, speak, speak! The world of English culture is waiting for you.

You can enjoy the wide variety of English-speaking films, music and other types of entertainment

What do you do in your free time? With English, you can watch American films, dance to British pop music, and chat online with people around the world who have the same hobbies as you!

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There are lots of English Language qualifications that can benefit your life personally and professionally! Find out more here

Why Learn English