winter snow

The winter in London is cold. The sky is grey every day, and it seems to rain constantly. So what’s so great about winter? Why is it a season that some people love so much? In this blog we’re going to tell you why winter is a great season and what’s lovely about London in the winter.

Crisp, Cool Weather

If you’re from a hot country, London might seem like a cold place in the winter. In reality, though, once you get used to it, London’s winter weather isn’t that bad. We don’t have temperatures as cold as Canada or Russia and snow is rare in this part of England. If anything, the winter in London is cool and refreshing. There’s nothing like a long walk on a crisp, cool London evening. It’s magical

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Warm, Cosy Evenings

Another great thing about winter in London is the warm, cosy evenings. When you’re out all day in the cool winter weather, it’s a great feeling to come home to a hot cup of tea in a warm, cosy atmosphere. Life is all about contrasts, and the contrast between the harsh cold of the winter and the warmth of a crackling fire, big blanket, and fuzzy slippers is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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Obviously, you can go shopping at any time of the year, but winter is an especially great time. From Black Friday to the Boxing Day sales, winter is the perfect time to find great deals. Whether you’re buying a Christmas gift for a loved one, or treating yourself to the latest gadgets, there’s something for everyone during the great, winter shopping season. Of course, this isn’t to say winter should be commercialised, but it’s a sweet gesture to buy something for the people you care about. The fact that it’s 50% off is the cherry on the pie.


So this winter, instead of moaning and groaning, be thankful for the things you have. There’s a lot to love about winter.