What’s so great about English?

What’s so great about English?

”So when you’re using these particular phrasal verbs, you can separate the verb and the preposition…”

”And what kind of course would you like to book for this month?…”

”And then I told her, ‘Five elephants!’ Hahaha!..”


These are all phrases you can hear from the Ingla Team throughout our normal week.


Ingla is an English Language School, based in London and reaching many people in different countries around the world. Our teachers spend their days discussing grammar points, helping with pronunciation and explaining vocabulary. Our Admin staff are always in touch with ‘Inglans’ (students at Ingla), helping them to find out the most suitable class and helping them with their booking. We have weekly Enrichment events, having breakfast together, chatting together in pub nights, having fun together as an Ingla family!


Why? Why are we so enthusiastic to use this language?


English is a doorway into another world. This is why we at Ingla so what we do.


According to The British Council, ”English is spoken at a useful level by some 1.75 billion people worldwide – that’s one in every four.”


English is a great way to connect with people, no matter where you live. Nowadays, you can connect with people around the world through the internet – and English is a superb common language throughout the internet. Apparently it is the most common language used on the internet.


Do you have an interest in gardening? Read blogs about it in English! Maybe you’re intrigued by mathematical equations – Using English, you can understand the articles published online by world famous researchers or lecturers. Maybe interior design is more your thing. If so, have a look on popular sites like YouTube to subscribe to a variety of channels with advice from professional designers.


You can also read our opinion blogs written by Ingla Teachers on a variety of topics. Each week we write about something interesting and relevant to our Ingla family. Why not have a look through our previous articles after you finish this one?


English is a language which opens up countless opportunities to cross communities – in terms of travelling, work, business, or even where you live now.


Do you have ‘wander lust’? Do you want to travel and explore the world? English is a great language to use as a way to communicate around the world. English is seen is the language of tourism – that which connects people at home and abroad. Do you want to explore the romantic castles of Europe? Or have an unforgettable road-trip across America? – Learn English. Do you want to spend your days surfing in Australia? Or learning how to cook traditional British food? -Learn English!


This language is the way to talk to locals, to easily buy items in a shop, to find out how to get to the bus station or find the best ice-cream stand in town.


It’s always a good idea to learn key phrases when travelling to another country.

At Ingla, we always start with the everyday basics you need.



”Can you help me please?”

”I need a …..”

”Where is ……?”

”Thank you!”



These are all great and easy starting phrases that you should have if you’re planning to visit another country with a different language to yours.



Have you moved to a country where English is the primary language? Maybe you’ve moved to the United Kingdom for work. Or perhaps, your best friend has moved to America and you are considering joining them. Using the English language, you can say hello to your neighbours, ask questions in the supermarket, or make friends in the library. You can be an active part of a photography club, or join a gym class. Get to know the locals – you now are one if you live there! In our Ingla courses we always include key phrases in ‘functional language’ – those sentences and expressions that you need to function in normal everyday situations.


English also opens up the opportunity for work in a variety of ways.


English can be of use in your current country. For example, you can serve English-speaking tourists in your hometown supermarket or cafe. Having English is also a great attribute to have for your CV whatever job you’re applying for. It’s another skill to show-off, and displays your hard-working character – it’s not necessarily easy to learn a new language!


Or perhaps you’re itching to move to another place for a fresh start at life. It’s a great idea to have at least a basic level of the common language before you move. This is where Ingla.Online is a great chance for you to learn before you leave home! Why not improve your level of English now using our wide range of live English classes? We will help you get ready for your next big step!


Lastly, through English, you can access the thoughts of amazing people like Martin Luther King, Emily Dickinson and Shakespeare in their own language.


Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist in America in 1950-60s. He gave a beautifully stirring speech to encourage those fighting for equal rights – ‘I have a dream…’. It gives a wonderful outlook for the future where people of all ethnicities are considered equal and enjoy life together. You can listen to this speech online to get an idea of Mr King’s vision (in English!).


American Emily Dickinson wrote hauntingly thoughtful poems in English.

”Hope is a thing with feathers

that perches in the soul.

And sings the tune without the words,

That never stops at all.”


As Shakespeare said – ‘The world is your oyster.’ This means that the possibilities are endless – How true this is when you learn a new language!



Knowing English lets you into the worlds of many amazing people in their original language.




”One language sets you on a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

So says Frank Smith, a contemporary psycholinguist.


A language is a door to open into another world. That is why the Ingla Team are so keen to teach and share the English language.


Why not join us at Ingla.Online? You can start your learning journey today with your free English Level test.

We love to have you as part of the Ingla family!