What is Pride month?

What is pride month?

In June the sun comes out and so do rainbow flags all around the world to celebrate Pride month. But what is Pride month? When and where did it start? In this blog we’re going to explain the beginnings of this month-long celebration, why it started, and what it means to be proud.

Pride Actually Started in the 1960s

Many people assume that Pride month is something very new. In fact, it is over 50 years old. The event that started this movement was a riot on 28 June 1969 at the Stonewall Inn bar in New York City. At that time it was normal for police officers to raid bars and nightclubs to arrest men who were dressed as women, and women who were wearing “fewer than three pieces of feminine clothing”. The patrons of the Stonewall bar were tired of being a target of the police and decided to fight back. Since that time rallies and parades have been organised for the LGBT community to show that they don’t have to live in fear and can be free to be themselves.

Why is it called Pride?

Pride, the emotion, is about feeling satisfaction because you’ve done something great, or somebody who’s close to you has achieved an important goal. So why doesn Pride month have this name? The idea is that nobody should feel bad just because of who they are. So, instead of feeling ashamed about who you are, you should be proud, whatever kind of person you are. The hope is that in time society will accept people based on their character and not who they are on the surface.

What are you proud of?

For different people pride means different things. Maybe you’re proud because you passed your English exam, or because you’ve been able to move to a new country, integrate into the culture and become successful. Whether big or small there are many reasons in our life, and many moments, to be proud of. Thinking back on your life and experiences, what are you proud of? What have you done that you can look back on with pride? Who are you and what are you proud of?

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What is Pride month?

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