What kind of dog should you get to match your personality as an English learner?

What kind of dog should you get to match your personality as an English learner?

What kind of dog should you get to match your personality as an English learner?

There’s an old expression in English that the longer you have your dog, the more you start to look like each other. Have you ever noticed this? Happy, energetic people have happy, energetic dogs, and people who love to sleep have cuddly dogs who love to lie around the house and do nothing. With this in mind, Ingla presents to you our guide for which dog you should get to match your personality as a student of English. You need a dog that matches who you are, and we’re here to help.

Border Collie

The border collie is known as the cleverest and hardest working dog in the dog world. Some scientists say that they are as intelligent as the average five year old human, and work constantly to make sure that their herd of sheep is safe and secure. Are you the kind of student who writes down everything your teacher says? Do you study irregular verbs late into the evening? Are you always asking native speakers to repeat what they said and writing down new phrases that you hear? It sounds like the border collie is the perfect dog for you. A diligent, committed student needs a diligent, committed dog to match his/her personality. The border collie is so clever he might actually help you figure out when to use the Past Perfect correctly. Auxiliary *woof* plus past participle *woof*.


There are actually many different types of terrier, but they share many similar personality traits. These dogs are feisty! This means that they have a lot of energy and they are not afraid of anyone or anything. Terrier are the kind of small dogs who will see a dog twice their size and decide it’s a good idea to start a fight. Originally, terriers were bred to hunt mice and rats to keep houses clean and tidy. Because of this, they are aggressive dogs that need a lot of stimulation, exercise, and are always looking for a new challenge. Does this sound like any English learner that you know? In Ingla’s opinion, the terrier would be perfect for an Inglan who knows no fear. They are the kind of English learner that throws themselves into new challenges and doesn’t stop until they achieve their goal. Are you B1 level, but you want to roll up your sleeves and jump right into a C1 class? Did you arrive in London just yesterday, but you want to pass the IELTS and join a university course in less than a month? The terrier sounds just like your perfect match. You’ll appreciate his aggression and fearlessness in the face of big challenges. Attack!

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan mastiff is a very, very big dog. His main job is to protect his home, and he does this very well. There is no burglar or trespasser alive who isn’t afraid of this intimidating dog. If you mess with his family, you’re in for trouble. If you’re an English learner whose goal is to learn the language to make a better life for your family, you and the Neapolitan mastiff would see eye to eye. Maybe you’ve moved to London to study, find a job, buy a home and you know that a better level of English is the key to making this happen. Just like the mastiff, a ferocious guard dog, you’d do anything for your family – become fluent in English, rip off a burglar’s leg. Whatever it takes.


Basset Hound

This lovable dog, with its big eyes and floppy ears, is also known for being very lazy. The basset hound’s favourite hobby is sleeping. If you’re the type of student who thinks using an app for 15 minutes a day and sometimes watching English TV shows is the way to learn the language, then the basset hound is for you. Really, though, what we’d recommend is taking a course at Ingla, and buying one of the other three dogs on this list. Nothing comes easy, and learning a language is one of those things. You can’t nap your way to success. Take the first step and learn about our courses at lngla: https://ingla.co.uk/our-english-courses/. We’ll turn you from a basset hound into a border collie in no time.

We hope this has been a helpful guide. Dogs are wonderful, loyal animals that can bring so much joy and happiness into your life – just like learning the English language will. Make your life better by getting a dog and studying at Ingla. Happy learning!