Tips to Save Water in 2022

It’s Water Saving Week in the UK this week. And whether you’re an environmentalist who cares about the health of the planet or you just want to save money at home, saving water is one of the best things you can do. With that in my mind, here are Ingla’s Tips to Save Water in 2022. Make a few changes in your life and soon you’ll see the difference it can make.

Tips to Save Water in the Bathroom

One of the best ways to save water is to take a shower rather than a bath. Taking a bath can use up to 150  litres of water, whereas a 10-minute shower will use about 90-100 litres. Which leads me to my next point: a great tip to save water is to replace your showerhead with a modern, efficient brand. Old showerheads use 19 litres of water per minute. Newer brands use as little as 9 litres. And while we’re on the topic of showers, taking shorter showers is obviously a great way to save water and money. For every minute you shorten your daily shower, you can save about £8 a year.

Tips to Save Water UK 2022
Save water, save money, save the planet.

Finally, before we leave the bathroom, it’s important not to leave the tap on while brushing your teeth (this is the same for doing the washing up in the kitchen sink). A running tap can waste over 5 litres of water per minute! So remember to turn off the tap. It’s one of the best tips to save water in the UK, or anywhere around the world.

In the Rest of the House

Saving water isn’t just for the bathroom. There are great and easy ways to reduce how much water you use throughout the house. For example, using a dishwasher is more efficient than washing dishes by hand, but if you use a dishwasher (or washing machine for your clothes) make sure that these appliances are full before you use them. Fewer washing cycles, means less water is used. When you make a cup of tea, or coffee, only use as much water as you need in the kettle. Filling up the kettle uses extra water and energy. Finally, fix leaky taps as soon as possible. This is probably one of the most shocking things you’ll read today, but a dripping tap can waste over 5,000 litres of water per year. That’s like a tank of water that’s 1.90 metres tall and 1.80 metres wide. That’s a lot of water!

We hope you’ve found these tips to save water useful (whether you’re in the UK or not). These aren’t things that require a big sacrifice, but they can make a huge difference for your bank balance and the environment. Thank you to Energy Saving Trust for much of the research presented here. Check out their website for more great, practical tips on saving water and energy.

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