The People of London

London is a diverse and exciting city, full of interesting individuals. Where can you meet the wonderful people of London?

Where can you find Jewish bagel shops in the heart of a Bangladeshi neighbourhood? Where can you shop for Chippendale antiques in the morning and watch a Caribbean carnival parade dancing to calypso and grime music in the evening? Where can you eat a croissant for breakfast, pierogi for lunch, and sushi for dinner? London of course!

Our city is a wonderful tapestry of cultures, and a place where everyone can feel at home. In fact, it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, with over 300 different languages spoken and over a third of its population born outside the UK!

If you want to dance salsa and samba, head to South London’s Little Portugal. If you’re looking for shisha bars and shawarma, it’s got to be West London and the Edgware Road area. If you want to buy spices and saris, head to East Ham or Southall’s Little Punjab.

There are so many cultural hubs in London, from the world-famous Chinatown to Ingla’s own Turkish neighbourhood of Green Lanes!

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