Terms and Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions of your Ingla Booking.

All Inglans (students at Ingla) are expected to read, understand and agree to Ingla’s Terms and

Read the sections below carefully and then type your name and email address in the spaces at the end
to show us that you have read our Terms and Conditions and you agree to abide by them (in other
words, you will follow them).

1. Ingla Courses
1.1 Ingla School of English is normally open from Monday to Friday.
1.2 New students can join any appropriate course at their level on any day and at any time.
1.3 If fewer than 3 Inglans register for a course, the course may be paused and Inglans may be offered a
place in another class at the same time or at a similar level. Alternatively, Inglans can choose to be added
to a Waiting List for a similar course.
1.4 Ingla reserves the right to cancel any course at one week’s notice.
1.5 Ingla reserves the right to change the teacher of any course at any time.
1.6 Ingla is an equal opportunity employer and, as such, employs native as well as non-native teachers.
All teachers are appropriately qualified (CELTA or equivalent)

2. Ingla Registration
2.1 Before registering on any Ingla courses, students need to do our Level Test and have a placement
conversation with a member of the Ingla Admin Team, although this can be waived in the case of
Beginner level students.
2.2 To register at Ingla, a student needs to:

– be 18 years old or above
• complete an Ingla Registration Form
• submit their photo ID (passport)
• submit their Right to Study (UK Visa or Status)
• agree to Ingla’s Terms and Conditions
• be able to read and write in Roman script

2.3 The Registration Fee is £50. This is payable at the time of registration and is non-refundable. The
Registration Fee is a once-in-a-lifetime payment – in other words, Inglans will only ever pay the
Registration Fee once.
2.4 The registration fee includes:
• a Level Test to check their knowledge of English
• Ingla Registration documents and letters (e.g. to open a bank account but NOT the Course Confirmation Letter for UK Visa)
• progress and End-of-Course testing and assessment
• End-of-Course Certificates
• assistance with booking external exams
• Ingla Tutorials
• access to the Ingla Library
• support from Ingla Care – welfare and general advice about any issues while studying at Ingla
• access to Ingla Internship Programme opportunities
• references for employment/further studies, etc
• invitations to Ingla Events
• memberships of Ingla Clubs
2.5 The Registration fee does not include:
• course books and study materials
• external exam fees
• travel expenses and entry fees to Ingla Events, Ingla Clubs and other expenses
• travel insurance
• surcharges when paying by PayPal, bank transfer or credit card
2.6 If required, registration documents can be sent by recorded delivery. However, the cost of this will be
added to administration fees.
2.7 It is each Inglan’s responsibility to make sure that the personal information they share with Ingla is
correct and accurate.
2.8 It is an Inglan’s responsibility to tell Ingla about changes to their address, contact and emergency
details as soon as they happen.
2.9 All information provided will be stored by Ingla in accordance with the General Data Protection
Regulation (2018). For more information about Ingla’s Privacy Policy, visit the Ingla Website.

3. Ingla Payment
3.1 Inglans must buy the relevant course books if they register for 4 weeks or longer. If a registration is
less than 4 weeks long, rental books are available for a deposit of £30. If the books are returned in an ‘as
borrowed’ condition, the deposit will be refunded less the rental fee of £10.
3.2 The course fee and course book fee are payable in full before the commencement of a booking unless
a Payment Plan has been agreed with the Ingla Admin Team.
3.3 If a Payment Plan is agreed, it is each Inglan’s responsibility to make sure that payments are made on
the dates agreed. If difficulties arise, Inglans should speak to a member of the Ingla Admin Team to
discuss the situation and agree an alternative Payment Plan.
3.4 If payments are not made on time and Ingla receives no communication about this, Ingla reserves
the right to remove (de-register) the student from the class register until the outstanding payment is
3.5 Payments can be made via the following methods:
• cash (accepted on site)
• bank transfer (UK/international) : name of the account holder English and Skills Training London Ltd                                                          IBAN GB53HBUK4073392411202   BIC (SWIFT) code HBUKGB4143L  Sort code 400733  Account number 92411202

• cheque (made payable to “English and Skills Training London Ltd”)
• credit/debit card
• PayPal
3.6 When paying by bank transfer or PayPal, any transaction charges are the student’s responsibility and
will be added to the total course fees.

4. Learning
4.1 In order to progress to the next level, Inglans need to successfully pass their current level by
achieving over 60% score on the End of Course Exam. If an Inglan fails to pass the End-of-Course Exam,
they may be asked to repeat the same level.
4.2 Ingla’s course teachers and Academic Manager will assess and monitor student progress throughout
the course and Inglans will be given assessments, tests and tutorials to guide and mentor them.
4.3 Ingla reserves the right to place an Inglan in a different class if it better suits their learning and their
needs. This is at the discretion of the Ingla Academic Manager and respective teachers.
4.4 Ingla issues ‘Course Completion’ certificates on condition that an Inglan attends at least 80% of the
course and successfully passes the End-of-Course Exam. In any other case, Inglans can request a ‘Course
Attendance’ certificate.

5. Attendance and Punctuality
5.1 Ingla expects all Inglans to attend lessons regularly and to arrive on time. If an Inglan arrives more
than 15 minutes late for a lesson, they risk the possibility of not being allowed into class until the start of
their next session.
5.2 Ingla keeps registers electronically to monitor attendance and punctuality.
5.3 If an Inglan misses a lesson and does not inform the Ingla Team in advance, this counts as an
‘unauthorised absence’ and is entered into the student’s attendance record.
5.4 If an Inglan records three unauthorised absences in a row, they will be contacted to discuss the
reasons for their absence. If the absence continues and there is no communication from an Inglan,
his/her booking will be suspended or cancelled without a refund and the Inglan will be removed from
the student list (de-registered).
5.5 If a student’s attendance falls below 80%, they will be contacted to discuss their attendance. Those
without valid reasons for their absence will risk losing their place on the course(s) booked and may be
de-registered. Ingla does not refund any fees in these circumstances.

6. Taking a Holiday
6.1 Bookings are automatically extended if an ‘Ingla Holiday’ falls within it.
6.2 When a Bank Holiday falls within a booking, this counts as a course day. If Inglans wish to get this day
back in credit, they need to submit a written request to the Ingla Admin Team for this day to be added
as credit for a course at a similar time or at a similar level.
6.3 If an Inglan wishes to take a holiday during their course, they must inform the Ingla Admin Team at
least 1 week in advance by completing the Holiday Request Form, including details about travel dates
and supporting documents (e.g. flight booking confirmations, hotel reservations). Inglans may also be
asked to email this information to admin@ingla.co.uk.
6.4 The sessions an Inglan misses while on an approved holiday are credited to the booking. This credit
can be used to attend the same course or a similar course at any time during the current or next
6.5 If an Inglan takes a holiday which is not authorised, the days they miss are counted as unauthorised
absences and cannot be recovered in credit.
6.6 If an Inglan returns late from their holiday and does not communicate this clearly to the Ingla Admin
Team, they risk having their Booking suspended or cancelled.
6.7 Inglans are usually allowed to take one holiday per term. If an Inglan wishes to take additional
holidays, this is at the discretion of the Ingla Admin Team and/or Ingla Management Team.

7. Changing a Booking
7.1 Inglans who attend an Ingla Event instead of attending their usual class(es) will receive credits for the
class(es) they miss for a course at a similar time or at a similar level.
7.2 Inglans are allowed to make one further ‘significant change’ to their booking, free of charge.
Significant changes include: changing to a different course, changing the length of a booking, changing
the number of days per week, or pausing a booking. Any further ‘significant changes’ may be charged at
the rate of £10 per change.
7.3 If Inglans wish to change the days or the time of any sessions within their agreed booking (in other
words, if an Inglan wants to make a ‘small change’), this needs to be requested (via WhatsApp to Ingla) in
advance of the change. The Ingla Admin Team will then look into the possibility of making this change
and will then give an answer to the request via WhatsApp.
7.4 If an Inglan wishes to change or pause their booking, they need to submit a written request to
admin@ingla.co.uk giving clear reasons as to why they need to pause the booking, give supporting
evidence and when they intend to restart their booking.
7.5 Pausing a booking is usually only allowed with the approval of the Ingla Management Team and
usually only in the following cases:
• serious illness supported by a doctor’s certificate
• bereavement of someone close
• additional or unexpected work commitment supported by evidence from the employer
Other reasons will be considered by the Ingla Management Team and will only be approved at their
7.6 Paused courses must be restarted within 6 months from the request date. If this does not happen,
the booking may be cancelled without a refund.
7.7 As an alternative option, Inglans can transfer their unused credit to another Inglan or potential
Inglan by a written request to admin@ingla.co.uk. This is subject to agreement with the Ingla Admin
Team and/or the Ingla Management Team.
7.8 Inglans who are studying at Ingla on a Short-Term Study visa are not permitted to pause, cancel or
transfer their booking once it has started.

8. Cancelling a Booking
8.1 If an Inglan emails a notice of cancellation, Ingla will refund the unused course fees at the
appropriate weekly rate less a £30 cancellation fee (£150 in case of Short-Term Study visa applicants).
8.2 If the cancellation is received after the start date of the course, Ingla will only refund the fees in the
following circumstances:
• serious ill health
• serious ill health of an immediate family member
• bereavement of a close family member
• visa refusal (Please see paragraph 9)
• additional or unexpected work commitment supported by evidence from the employer
• leaving the UK
All of the above must be supported by relevant documents (e.g. issued by an employer, doctor or
hospital or the UKVI).
8.3 It is the responsibility of an Inglan to provide the necessary documentation to support a refund
8.4 Inglans need to apply for a refund by completing the Refund Request form.
8.5 Refunds will be calculated from the date of an Inglan’s final day of attendance or ‘authorised
absence’ until the end of booking.
8.6 Course fees will be refunded less the registration, course book and cancellation fees and less the
course weeks/days/sessions already used. The fees for the course time already used will be calculated by
using the published weekly rate at the time of the cancellation for those numbers of
8.7 Refunds will be paid to the original payee by bank transfer or by cheque.
8.8 You will not be entitled to any refund in the following cases:
• inadequate attendance on the course
• providing incorrect and/or misleading information Ingla or any other relevant authorities
8.9 Any alternative requests or changes to the conditions above are at the discretion of the Ingla
Management Team.
8.10 Ingla strongly recommends purchasing insurance to cover cancellation or changes to bookings.

9. Visa refusals
9.1 Ingla will retain a £150 non-refundable deposit if an Short-Term Study visa application to ‘Leave to
Enter the UK’ is refused.
9.2 Ingla must receive notification that entry clearance has not been granted at least 5 days prior to the
proposed start date of a course. In other cases, additional fees will apply.
9.3 Refund applications must be made no later than 30 days after the date of the refusal.
9.4 Refunds are not possible while appeals are in progress.
9.5 Before granting a refund Ingla must receive:
• a completed Refund Request form
• a copy/scan of the full original letter of refusal from the UK immigration authorities
9.6 Delays to the refund process are likely if Ingla is obliged to seek verification of the visa status directly
from the embassy concerned.
9.7 No refunds will be made if an Inglan:
• Is asked to leave the country by the British authorities
• leaves the UK and is refused re-entry
• uses fraudulent documentation in their visa application
9.8 Refunds are paid to the person or agent who made the original booking.
9.9 Refunds are paid by sterling cheque, bank transfer or repayment to the debit card used originally (the
beneficiary will pay all charges).
9.10 Short-Term Study visa students and bookings made online waive their right to a free trial lesson.
9.11 Short-Term Study Visa students must register at Ingla within one week of receiving their visa. In case
of delay, the student must seek authorisation from Ingla.
9.12 Short-Term Study Visa students who arrive later than two weeks after the date of the start of their
visa risk losing their place on their chosen course and will not be eligible for a refund. In these cases,
Ingla will try to secure a place for them on another course if possible.
9.13 Short-Term Study Visa students may start their booking at the beginning of the term or on any date
of their choice. If the start date is not the beginning of the term, it is the student`s responsibility to catch
up on missed lessons. If needed, Ingla will be more than happy to assist with booking additional classes.

10. Ingla Regulations
10.1 Inglans are expected to behave well and comply with the regulations set out in Ingla’s Code of
Conduct and any other regulations issued by Ingla from time to time.
10.2 Teachers have the right to ask an Inglan to leave a classroom if they behave inappropriately,
improperly or breach Ingla’s regulations.
10.3 Mobile phones must be on silent during classes. Inglans may be asked to leave a class if their
mobile phone disturbs a session.
10.4 Inglans must cooperate fully during fire drills at Ingla and follow the instructions of the designated
Fire Marshalls.
10.5 If Inglans do not comply with these requirements, their booking may be terminated with immediate
effect and with no refund of any fees.

Ingla reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other publications, price
lists, timetables and documents without prior notice.
Inglans should bring any problems to Ingla’s attention immediately to enable Ingla to assist. Ingla does
not accept retrospective complaints and queries. For further information on the complaints procedure,
please see the Ingla Gui