Summer at Ingla

Summer at Ingla

The sun is, sometimes, shining; birds are singing and it’s 30 degrees, but feels like 50. It’s summer in London! A lot of people take it easy during the summer. They grab a cheap flight on RyanAir to lie on a beach in Spain, or the Greek islands, with a cocktail in their hand and big smile on their face. At Ingla, though, we’re rolling up our sleeves and working hard this summer. We have a lot of big plans for our new term. We’re excited and we hope you will be too!


Online now, In School in August


When the Covid-19 lockdown began in London in March, Ingla had to pull together quickly and organise online English classes for our students. We’d never had such a crazy, hectic experience. In the end it was worth it, though. Now, we’re 3 months wiser and more experienced, so this term we’ll be offering our students, Inglans, both online lessons and classes at our school in North London. Online lessons are starting on Monday, 6 July, and we’re going to offer everything you would expect from an English school. There will be General English classes, Cambridge and IELTS exam preparation and speaking classes. We have a few surprises, too (more on that later). And what about our school in Turnpike Lane? We still plan on opening our doors again this term, but we’re going to delay the first day of in-person, face-to-face classes until 10 August. We’ve already posted a blog on how we’re going to make school a safer, cleaner place to study, but we want to make sure that everything is perfect for Inglans to return to the classroom. Before we open our doors, we want to make sure that we won’t have to close them straight away after the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are slowly lifted in London.


Short, Focused Courses Online


In some ways, we’re going to have a normal term for an English school online. If you want a General English course, you can study at your level for the whole 11 week term (or however many weeks you’d like). If you want to prepare for the IELTS, we have an online class that covers every skill and every section of the exam. But this term Ingla has something special hidden up its sleeve. During this summer term, we’re going to offer a small selection of short, focused online classes. These new classes will probably be between 2 and 4 weeks long, but will have very focused and specific goals. For example, maybe you’ve studied for the Cambridge First (FCE) or Cambridge Advanced (CAE) exams and most of your skills are at the right level, but you still find the Use of English section of the exam impossible! We’re not going to force you to buy a course that includes all the skills you’re already good at, but instead we’re going to offer an intense course that just focuses on that one skill that you need help with. Or maybe you feel confident with grammar, but you’d like to sound more like a native speaker, so you can take a short course just about pronunciation. Keep an eye on our social media pages (especially Facebook and Instagram) for updates and offers on these mini-classes for summer.


We don’t know about you, but Ingla is looking forward to summer. We’re optimistic, we’re full of energy and ideas, and we’re ready to teach English – in London and around the world. We hope you’re ready to learn!