Students’ Rights and Responsibilities

Students' Rights and Responsibilities

Every Ingla student has the right to:

  • attend school without being bullied, harassed or abused verbally, physically or emotionally
  • learn without being distracted by behaviour from others
  • share learning and experiences in a safe environment
  • bring property to school without it being deliberately damaged or stolen
  • raise a complaint about another student
  • raise a complaint about the Ingla Team or Ingla as a school

Ingla will use a variety of disciplinary measures against any student who:

  • uses aggressive, threatening or offensive language or behaviour
  • affects classroom learning through persistent disruption
  • fails to respect other people’s property
  • shows disregard towards the Health & Safety Regulations
  • is persistently late or absent without adequate explanation

Within Ingla we expect our students to:

  • respect other students, their work and belongings
  • look after the school inside and outside
  • be polite and helpful to everyone

Within Ingla classrooms we expect our students to:

  • be on time for lessons
  • have all the right books with them
  • always follow the Health & Safety guidelines
  • listen carefully and follow instructions
  • respect the views of other people
  • join in and take full part in lessons and activities
  • complete homework and other assignments on time
  • catch up work you may have missed because you have been away
Student rights
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