Your School Commitment

It is very important that you consider the length of your registration and whether you will be able to attend the classes regularly according to your full time or part time class schedule. You should look at your personal commitments/work schedule and realistically assess the amount of time you are likely to dedicate to attending English classes.

We offer a FREE TRIAL LESSON so you can be sure you are making the right decision when registering with Ingla School of English.


You can enrol/register for a course in person at the school or online.

Documents and information we will ask for when you register:

Valid Passport or ID Card

Proof of payment if made online

Current address in the UK

Your home address in the country of your permanent residence

Contact details telephone number/email

Information on any learning disabilities (if applicable)

Emergency contact details (family member, partner or friend), preferably someone who speaks English

Documents we will give you when you register:

Ingla Student Card

Payment Card

Registration Letter (if required)

Ingla Welcome Pack

Before you take your free trial lesson you will need to:

Fill in the registration form

Take the level assessment test

Discuss your learning objectives

Discuss your availability to attend classes

Please remember:

All students must be 18 or over

Student card will be issued to students registered for a minimum of 4 weeks at 9 hours a week

Certificate of Completion will be issued to students who enrol for a minimum of 11 weeks

All fees must be paid or fee payment arrangements made before starting the course

The maximum class size is 13 students (6-10 on average) and no new registrations will be made once the class reaches the maximum number of students

Any additional work commitment undertaken by you during the course of studies does not entitle you to a course extension or refund. However, you might be able to attend classes at your level during a different time session. This option is a subject to class availability and must be arranged with the School Admin Team.

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