Speak with Native English Speakers

Where can you meet native speakers in London to practice your English?
Find out here!

Before moving to London, you probably imagined native Londoners either as (a) polite, socially awkward aristocrats or (b) rude, beer-guzzling cockneys. But after a few months of living here… you still might not have met one!

Don’t worry: our city is so multicultural that native Londoners can be hard to find. Luckily, while you might not meet someone born here, there are plenty of native English speakers to practice with.

If you’ve already tried language exchanges and meet-ups, here are some other great ways to find locals to practice with.


Get involved in a local shop, charity, library, community centre… or even one of London’s star attractions like the British Museum! You’ll be sure to meet some great people rooted in your local area through volunteering.

Go to a Football Match

Tickets to Arsenal and Spurs are pricey, so check out smaller clubs like Barnet FC or Haringey Borough FC for a truly British experience and mingle with hardcore fans.

portobello market

Go on Guided Walks

– Even if you’ve been in London for ages, this is a great way to improve your listening and speaking skills. Unseen Tours, led by formerly homeless Londoners, will also give you a unique insight into London’s streets and society!

Join a Class or Gym

Joining a clubgym or class is a great idea – whether it’s yoga, singing or life-drawing, London has many opportunities to chat to local residents.

Listen to a Lecture

Many of London’s museums, universities and galleries offer free lunch-time lectures . If you’re feeling brave, why not check out Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park to practice your own speaking skills?

Get out of London

Remember, London is not England! Try to visit different places during your time here. Getting exposed to our huge variety of accents is the best way to improve your English!