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I'm English. ____ English?
What ______? I'm a doctor.
Do you live in London? No, I _____.
_____ you like a biscuit? Yes, please.
Where ______ at the moment?
She ______ understand the question.
_____ is that? It's a school.
I ____ my homework now.
I don't like _____ at night - it's dangerous.
I haven't got ____ brothers.
Jason lives ____ the school.
What ____ for breakfast? I had bacon and eggs.
Sue and Tom ____ to Japan before.
Don't touch that dog! It ____ bite you.
His brother _____ a bike for Christmas.
The Nile is _____ river in the world.
The man ____ got the job is very intelligent.
Look at the clouds. It ____ rain.
______ octopus in my life.
"I'm very happy," he said. 
He told me that he ____ very happy.
A Ford isn't as expensive as a Mercedes.
A Mercedes is _____ a Ford.
When I was a child, I ____ the piano.
While he ____ to Oxford, he saw an accident.
I can't find it ______.
Sally _____ television since six o'clock.
Their daughter ______.
I'll lend you some money as long as you ____ it back to me.
If I were you, ____ the doctor.
I remembered that I ____ my phone at home.
Mobile phones are ____ common sight today.
She's too old to paint the house herself, so she ____.
She went out ____ a magazine.
What ____ to your hair? It's blue!
I don't like the smell of smoke in my house. I'd rather you ____.
The neighbours ____ out. 
There aren't any lights on in their house.
Supposing you ____ her again.
What would you say?
Shall I come round at seven o'clock?
No, _____ dinner.
I'm not sure who broke the window.
It ____ been the boy next door.
It was raining heavily. _____, we decided to go out.
I wish I ____ a house in the country.
He thinks you'd better ____ the police.
By the time they arrive, the party _____ started.
She _____ for work.
Mmm! This soup ____ delicious!
Not only ____ plays, he directs them as well.
We should go to bed. ____, it is late.
I wouldn't be in this mess if ____ to you.
Alan was very tired. He ___ football all afternoon.
She seems ___ at the party.
___ is a cup of coffee to wake me up.

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