Ingla's Policies

Students are expected to attend lessons regularly and arrive on time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late you will not be allowed into class till the break. We keep registers electronically to monitor attendance. If you miss a lesson and do not inform the admin team in advance you will not be allowed to take the lesson at another time or to receive a refund. If you wish to change the time of your class, permission from the School is required.

Courses are automatically extended for School Holidays. There is no reduction or refund given if there is a public holiday within the period of your course.

If you would like to take a holiday during your course, you must inform the office at least 1 week in advance otherwise you will be considered absent. You will need to submit a copy of your ticket to receive a course extension due to your holiday. Unauthorised absences cannot be converted to holidays.

Every student has the right to: attend school without fear of being bullied, harassed or abused learn without being distracted by bad behaviour from others bring personal property to school without fear that it will be deliberately damaged or stolen.

The school will therefore use a variety of measures against any student who:uses aggressive, threatening or offensive language or behaviour interrupts learning through persistent bad behaviour fails to respect other people’s property.

In the Classroom:

Be on time for lessons.

Have all the right books.

Always follow the safety rules.

Listen carefully and follow instructions.

Respect the views of other people.

Join in and take full part in lessons and activities.

Hand in your work on time.

Make up any work you have missed because you have been away.

Around school:

Respect other students, their work and belongings.

Look after the school inside and outside.

Be polite and helpful to everyone.

While Ingla welcomes all applicants and students, others may come into the school only when authorized for legitimate reasons.

Students should take care of their personal property. Ingla cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of any property sustained on school premises.

Students must take due care and attention when using equipment issued by Ingla. If a student is issued with equipment for personal use, the student should ensure they have authorisation in writing and adhere to any operating instructions provided

Students will be held responsible for willful damage to school property and will be required to pay for any damages so caused.

Mobile phones and personal stereos must be switched off in classrooms and all working areas. Students should ensure that their use in other public areas does not disturb others.

Students are prohibited from using illegal software on any of the school’s computing systems. All users of the school’s computing facilities, including Internet access, must abide by the acceptable use policy.

Ingla adheres strictly to legislation and regulations governing copyright. No student shall infringe the copyright of printed or other materials. Advice on copyright is available from the receptionist or other members of staff

Copying what someone else has written or taking someone’s idea, including material downloaded from the Internet, and trying to pass it off as one’s own idea (plagiarism) is unacceptable and will result in the piece of work being rejected for assessment.

While students often work in groups as part of a course assignment, the work of each individual student in that group must be clearly identified as their own.

Smoking is prohibited in all parts of Ingla buildings.

Students must not bring alcoholic drinks into Ingla or its surroundings, nor attend the school while under the influence of alcohol.

Students are forbidden from the illegal use and supply of drugs in Ingla or its surroundings. Furthermore, students are prohibited from attending Ingla while under the influence of drugs

Gambling is prohibited in Ingla and its surroundings.