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Cambridge First (FCE)

Our Cambridge First Preparation Course includes strategy and plenty of practice to help you get ready.

Who is the Cambridge First Course for?

This online exam preparation class is ideal for people who are preparing to take this official exam, which is recognised by 20,000 organisations internationally, and who need an expert guide to show them the path to success. 

In this class you’ll cover every exam task in detail, studying the best methods and techniques to pass the exam and earn a Cambridge First Certificate to prove your level of English to universities, employers and governments. 

Special attention will be paid to sections of the exam related to the natural Use of English, like word formation and key word transformations (Parts 3 and 4). The Online Cambridge First class will help you improve all your skills, though, including reading, listening, and speaking. 

Your CELTA-qualified teacher will also prepare you for the different writing tasks you’ll find in the First exam, including an essay, report, letter and review. 

The timetable for our online Cambridge First class is flexible, to suit your busy life!

By the end of this course you’ll be able to …

  • confidently structure, organise and write an essay, report, letter and review using appropriate language
  • understand the expectations for and best methods to complete every part of the Cambridge First exam
  • have a better understanding of how nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are formed
  • use these different parts of speech naturally in context (Use of English Part 3)
  • listen with purpose and avoid common distractors on the FCE exam
  • use new reading skills like skimming and scanning to effectively do the reading sections of the exam
  • use prediction to successfully anticipate answers and focus your listening skills
  • paraphrase effectively so you can complete Key Word Transformations (Use of English Part 4)
  • communicate in a more fluent and interactive way to achieve your best possible speaking score (Speaking Part 3)
  • compare and contrast photos (Speaking Part 2)
  • understand speakers with a variety of accents, and tell the difference between their opinions (Listening Part 1 and 4)

In the Ingla.Online Cambridge First course you will study from a range of interactive and fun material. We use coursebooks designed specifically for the Cambridge First exam from leading publishers. Our CELTA-qualified teachers will supplement this with material from different official Cambridge sources and highly respected websites.

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Cambridge FCE: Use of English

Our Mini Course for Cambridge First: Use of English is perfect to help you improve your skills on what is often described as the most difficult part of the exam!

This is a short but intense, 4-week course that focuses only on Parts 1-4 of the Reading and Use of English section of the Cambridge FCE (B2) exam. These are the sections of the exam that students most often struggle with. This online course will give you the skills and strategies to succeed on the multiple-choice and open cloze , word formation, and key word transformations tasks of the FCE exam. In addition to exam techniques, there will be language practice with word families (making adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc.), collocations (combinations of words that naturally go together), paraphrasing and other skills that are proven to be successful on Cambridge exams.

  • Collocations
  • Word families / Word formation
  • Using prediction to your advantage
  • Paraphrasing
  • Identifying missing grammar for part 4
  • Specialised techniques for Use of English tasks
  • Authentic exam practice
  • 3 days per week, 1 hour per day, for 4 weeks
  • 12 total hours of online classroom Teacher Time
  • Maximum 8 students

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