Before you join Ingla.Online Lessons...

1. Check your English Level

In order to place you in the right class(es), we need to know the level of your English!

If you haven’t already done it – complete our English Level Test now!

2. Check your tech

You will join an online class via the internet, so make sure your technology equipment meets the following requirements: 

  • Laptop or desktop computer with Windows 10 or other operating system 
  • Camera + Microphone + Headphones/Speakers 
  • Internet access
  • Chrome or Firefox web browser

When joining the class please remember to find a quiet place with a stable internet connection to make sure that your learning experience is not disturbed by background noises or slow internet speed. 


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3. Create your Learning Profile

You will need to create your Online Learning Profile with us on

This is necessary to be able to access our learning platform and join the class you’d like to attend. It will take you just a couple of minutes.

What to expect in class

Each online lesson with us is 60 minutes long.

Our experienced teachers use a wide range of  resources to make lessons interactive and enjoyable.

Have a look at what one of our lessons looks like here.

Link to page with video of online classroom/etiquette video/ info on course conten