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Since May 17th 2021, we’re delighted that many of the museums of London have opened their doors once again. Not only are museums an amazing way to learn about different cultures, they’re also another great way to work on your English skills. Here are some recommendations from the approximately 170 museums that are open to the public in this diverse capital city. 

-Victoria & Albert Museum 

Commonly called ‘the V&A’, this museum contains a huge collection of decorative objects and artwork. This is a brilliant place to expand your vocabulary of everyday objects. Do you know your bowls from your bells? Or the difference between posters and portraits?

And if you can’t make it to the museum in person yet, you can check out some of their massive collection online here

-British Museum 

This is the perfect place to practice your past tenses! It is an incredible store for over 8 million items from past cultures around the world. In Room 70, you can look for items that the Romans used to wear (‘used to’ for past habits). In Room 41, you can read about what warriors and soldiers in England wore and fought with between 300-1100AD (simple past tense). In Room 25, you can see a wide range of pottery vases that were made by craftspeople in Africa throughout the centuries (past passive tense). Be inspired by these objects from the past from their website here

-London Mithraeum

Did you know that there are lots of Roman ruins in London? A lot of this ancient architecture was buried until the bombing of London during the Second World War. In the London Mithraeum, you can experience the Temple of Mithraeum in a multi-sensory museum display. Catch up with a friend and practice your verbs of the senses!

-Grant Museum of Zoology

Try out your range of adjectives as you walk among the displays of over 68,000 creatures from around the world in this museum. Is the skin of the animal soft, smooth or scaly? What size is the creature – miniscule, medium, or mighty? And do you feel terrified, amazed, or disgusted? Find out more about the creatures on their website.

So these are some of our recommendations for museums to visit in London! They’re the perfect place to hang out with a friend, discover incredible treasures, and practice your English!

Practice your phrasal verbs!

Match the phrasal verbs in the blog above to the correct definitions.

  • To spend time with someone in a relaxed way
  • To attempt, to practice
  • To spend time with someone you haven’t seen in a while
  • To discover, to try to find
  • To look at, to search through
  • To practice, to develop

To look for = To discover, to try to find

To work on = To practice, to develop

To hang out = To spend time with someone in a relaxed way

To try out = To attempt

To catch up = To spend time with someone you haven’t seen in a while

To check out = To look at, to search through