There's more to the UK than London!

When we think of the UK, images such as red buses, the royal family, and Big Ben come to mind. It may surprise you, but there’s more to the UK than London! Here are a few places in the UK worth adding to your bucket list.


Often referred to as ‘The Valleys’, Wales is a beautiful country to visit in the United Kingdom. It’s particularly famous for its picturesque countryside and peaceful beaches. If you enjoy hiking, there are several mountains to climb, such as Snowdon and Cadar Idris. If you’re looking for a small, quaint place to stay which is off the beaten track, you can visit St. Davids in Pembrokeshire, which is considered one of the smallest cities in the world because it has a cathedral. Tuck into some Welsh Cakes (Wales’s equivalent to an English scone) and maybe even pick up some Welsh (popty ping means microwave!)

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Home to the prestigious university, Cambridge is a wonderful city to visit which is only a short journey from London. Often referred to as ‘the city of bikes’, Cambridge is a great place for enthusiastic cyclists. Or if you’d rather relax, take a leisurely punting trip along the River Cam!

There's more to the UK than London 2


If you’re looking for a good night out, Brighton is known for its colourful, quirky shops and pubs, and is also a short train journey from London. Visit ‘The Gin Tub’, a bar where you can order drinks through retro telephones placed on each table! Their happy hour is every weekend from 4pm-7pm, which means half price cocktails. Brighton is also a seaside city, so walk along the beach and treat yourself to the traditional British delicacy, fish and chips!

So, the next time you get itchy feet, why not take a break from London and visit one of these fabulous places? After all, there’s more to the UK than London!

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