Ingla visits Alexandra Palace Farmers’ Market, Streat Life Food, and Craft Beer Festival

Ingla visits Alexandra Palace Farmers’ Market, Streat Life Food, and Craft Beer Festival

It was a hot and sunny Sunday morning when the first few of our group met outside Ingla School of English. Others texted to say they’d meet us at Ally Pally Farmers’ market, so we jumped onto the next 144 bus and we were soon jumping off again at the bottom of Muswell Hill. We quickly spotted the entrance to the market and were relieved to find it was taking place along a beautiful, wide path which was shaded by lines of tall, leafy trees on either side.

We then walked up through the park towards Alexandra Palace itself. There were two events – a tattoo festival and the food and beer festival. We had a quick look inside the Palace at the tattoo festival but decided today was not the day to get one, even of the Ingla logo!! So, we wandered round the numerous stalls offering food from around the world and drinks of many kinds.

Finally, it was time to head home – some heading towards Wood Green and other back towards Turnpike Lane. It seems everyone had an enjoyable morning and I’m sure some may even go back again for another taste! Delicious!


We immediately found feasts for the eyes, nose and mouth with a wonderful variety of stalls from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables to stalls selling fresh and cured meats at Ally Pally Farmers’ Market. There were also dishes for many tastes, including Turkish kofta, Chinese dumplings and even vegan burgers! There was also a lot of choice for anyone with a sweet tooth, with different flavour brownies, crepes and cupcakes.


Feeling hot and thirsty, a couple of us tried the craft beers and others opted for ice creams – both helped us cool down and feel refreshed! Then we looked around for some lunch. Some were not sure which to choose – Jamaican Jerk, Mexican, Barbeque, Hotdogs, Paella or Pizza. One of our group went for a pulled-pork wrap and it was very tasty!