Ingla Update – 02/11/2020

Ingla Update – 02/11/2020

Dear Inglans,

You might have heard that the UK government is going to start a second lockdown in England from Thursday (5th November) for approximately 4 weeks. During this time, hospitality venues (eg pubs, restaurants) and also all non-essential shops will have to remain closed.

However, because we’re a school, Ingla will continue to have classes as usual. We want our Inglans to be safe, so we now insist that everyone in the Ingla building wears a mask or face shield, sanitises their hands regularly, and we’ll continue to clean all desks after every lesson.

Also, from Week 7 (9th November), we will be changing the time of some courses by 15 minutes to increase social distancing and to make sure that not too many people come in to the building at the same time. We’ll give you more information before this happens.

Together let’s keep going! If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, Covid, or anything else about your Ingla Booking, please tell us at Ingla Reception or privately on WhatsApp. We’ll do anything we can to help and to make you feel safer and more reassured.

For now, we hope to see you at your next lesson this week. Take care and stay safe. Ingla 🤗