Ingla at the Natural History Museum in London

Ingla at the Natural History Museum in London

On a clear and cool Autumn day in London, with a crisp wind at our backs, Ingla visited the incomparable Natural History Museum. Excitement was in the air by the time we got to the entrance. The jaw-dropping architecture of the museum was the perfect back drop for photos, as students and teachers took the opportunity to take selfies and group pics to commemorate the event.  The ice rink and Christmas tree were big hits too, with everyone gathering around them to watch the pristine, smooth sheet of ice slowly melt into the world’s biggest puddle.

Exhibits like the life-like, animatronic T-Rex and the nest of its adorable hatchlings cracking through the shell of their egg were certainly highlights. And taking the lift to emerge inside a giant cocoon exhibiting different insects and fauna filled everyone with wonder and amazement. The Darwin Centre and the elegantly presented exhibition on human evolution, with its beautifully crafted models and artful lighting, also got everyone talking.

As we got inside of the Natural History Museum, the students split off into groups to explore the furthest reaches of the museum, and to complete their language learning activities on food chains and creating fact files about their favourite exhibits.  Enrichment at Ingla is about more than just bunking off school and having fun.  We always pair the fun, social aspects of language learning with something to focus and stimulate the mind.

At the end of the day, with everyone’s heads full of new and amazing things, we waved goodbye to Dippy one last time and set off back home to Turnpike Lane.