Ingla at the Museum of London

Ingla at the Museum of London

On Tuesday 6th December 2016, 15 “Inglans” and 5 teachers headed out to Central London to visit the Museum of London. Everyone was in high spirits as we marched our way to Hornsey Station and took the National Rail to Moorgate. When we got off the train, we were in the heart of London and surrounded by grand sky-rise buildings and offices. Just a short walk and we had arrived inside a very modern looking museum!

Afterwards, we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral just around the corner and posed for photos on the “wobbly” Millennium Bridge before going to a Christmas market on the bank of the River Thames.

“It’s in England, it’s in London that you meet the world, you know, you come here to meet Africa, to meet Asia, to meet the United States, to meet South America, to meet Brazil, you come to London, and all the world is here.” These are the words spoken by Monica Vasconcelos, a Brazilian singer, in 2001. This beautiful quote was on display in the museum, and, living in London, we certainly get to experience that; whether it’s from being in our beautiful metropolis or at our humble school, we are all certainly privileged to be surrounded by a melting pot of different cultures, sounds, tongues, tastes, and tones in this city which was once called Londinium.

The museum is located close to the Barbican Centre and featured part of the old the London Wall, built by the Romans in the 3rd Century. The museum included a variety of exhibitions from Prehistoric London to our beloved modern day city. One of the most interesting parts of the visit was being able to talk to some of the museum staff, who showed us objects from long ago, such as bones, keys and even the remains of a sandal, all from Roman times.