Ingla Pub Quiz

Ingla Pub Quiz
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There’s no such thing as useless knowledge. If you knew how many stomachs a cow has or from which continent the guinea pig originates, you would have won a point at the Ingla Pub Quiz and, with enough points, free lessons or other prizes at our school.

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Four teams, the Donkeys (yes, that’s the name they chose), Mediterranean, Sol, and Blue started out on level ground at zero points, but that wasn’t to remain the case for long. Once our multimedia quiz had started everyone got down to brass tacks and the difficult business of racking the darkest far reaches of their brain for every last scrap of information they’d picked up in their lives.

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The key, as always, was to have been aware and collecting information at every point in their life and being on a team of well-rounded and clever individuals. That’s not easy, and our quiz wasn’t either. The hardest part? No mobile phones allowed!

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On a stimulating Friday night, in the gorgeous private back room at the Salisbury Hotel on Green lanes, Inglans put their knowledge of sport, geography, history, and Ingla to the test to see who would come out on top and be crowned our pub quiz champions. It was no mean feat, as the competition was stiff, and everyone was vying for free extra time in the classroom.

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Inglans reached far back into their past to every biology class they half-remembered, every lecture on the history of the British empire that they’d half-slept through, and every conversation with Ingla staff to which they had only been half-paying attention, scrambling to find the answers to our fiendish quiz.

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In the end, the Donkeys, of all people, were crowned the Ingla Pub Quiz champions, having trounced Mediterranean by an impressive fifteen points. Their prize? Each student on the team received three free days of study at Ingla. Not bad for a Friday night at the pub…