Ingla Coming of Spring Party

Ingla Coming of Spring Party
Ingla End of Term Party 18 7

After a quiet afternoon celebrating culinary culture from around the world at our International Food Day, Ingla turned up the volume and excitement with our big, end-of-term bash at the Salisbury on Green Lanes. We had over sixty Inglans, friends, and teachers helping to ring in a new season of warmth and renewal and close out our winter term in style.

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The party started early with a spate of seriously fun games to liven the atmosphere and get people talking to each other. Highlights from the evening included original games like having one person be the centre of attention whilst everyone tried to make him/her laugh or smile. Laughing or smiling meant losing and the “loser” in the middle of the circle had to sing his national anthem, complete with help from the crowd and even, for the Greek national anthem, a full orchestral backing track.

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After the fun and games, began the karaoke portion of the evening, expertly handled by DJ Stelios, whose catalogue of 7,000 songs had something for everyone. Inglans shook off their shyness, grabbed the mic, and belted out their favourite tunes in front of a packed house.

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We danced late into the early hours during our Spring party, knowing that we’d done the term justice, and that we’d done our best to shake off a long, cold winter. Spring was here now, just in time for a new term to start.

Ingla End of Term Party 18 6

The Salisbury’s private room, with its high vaulted ceilings and sumptuous, ornate decorations, was the perfect venue for Ingla’s Coming of Spring Party. It provided a memorable backdrop and created an electric atmosphere that put everyone in the mood to celebrate!

Ingla End of Term Party 18 9

Another big hit was a group game in which everyone had to bring our Games Organiser and MC, Eva, different objects like a paper clip, foreign currency, a red sock, and more. The team that was able to produce the most objects won. It was a riot watching Inglans frantically run around trying to find random articles of clothing and bits and bobs to triumph in this silly, fun game.

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There’s no better way to practise English than jumping in the deep end – just you, one mic, and the lyrics to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” projected ten feet high onto a wall. Karaoke ended on a high note with Ingla’s teachers singing a heartfelt rendition of “We are Family”, a song that sums up everyone’s feelings about our school and perfectly encapsulated the mood of the evening.

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