In Ingla’s quest to cover every square inch of London and show our students everything this great city has to offer, we seem to have overlooked one crucial museum – until now. The Science Museum in South Kensington offers a stunning array of interactive exhibits on topics ranging from the natural world to space travel, machinery and everything in between.

“Who am I?” is a deep philosophical question that’s been asked by philosophers and poets from time immemorial, but it’s also the name of one of our students’ favourite galleries at the Science Museum in London.

The space travel gallery was also a big hit with its display of a real-life astronaut suit, a genuine piece of the moon encased in glass, and a full-scale replica of Apollo 11’s lunar landing module. It was a real treat to walk among the stars and see the human race’s ingenuity to explore the far reaches of the universe so up close and personal.

Ingla teaches English, but we also want our students to expand their horizons and broaden their worldview. At the Science Museum visitors can look across the globe, universe, and deep into themselves.

Inglans raced around the gallery from kiosk to kiosk digitally morphing themselves into the opposite gender or into an older form of themselves, comparing themselves the Science Museum’s typical demographics, and getting a very, very close up view of their own eye. We all learned a little bit about ourselves and who we are.

It wasn’t just a great opportunity to practice speaking in English, but also a great opportunity to learn new things about the world, the universe and ourselves.

A final pit stop was necessary at the Science Museum café before our trek back to Turnpike Lane. After hours of exploring the world of science we were ready to return to our General English and Cambridge Exam classes and continue our adventures in exploring the English language.

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