Ingla End-of-Term Bowling Night

Ingla End-of-Term Bowling Night

At Ingla, we only get four chances a year to celebrate the end of a school term – so we have to make the most of every opportunity! This last term we decided to close the book on summer at Rowan’s Tenpin Bowl in Finsbury Park, a great venue to take a big group of friends looking for a good time. They have karaoke, table games, dancing, and, of course, bowling. Inglans strapped on their colourful shoes and flexed their sore forearms for ten frames of fun.

At Ingla, everyone has to be seen off in style. The World’s End, with its chic patrons and world-class selection of beer, served as the perfect backdrop for this. And the live music in their back room energised us and pumped us up to go bowling and knock down everything in sight!

As we always say, once an Inglan, always an Inglan. By closing time, the Ingla family was more than thirty strong and having a memorable night at Rowan’s. It’s nights like these that remind you why it’s so special to be a part of this school!

The evening started with a pre-party drink at the trendy World’s End Pub just around the corner in Finsbury Park where we gathered to say our goodbyes before our week-long holiday. Some students were new to Ingla and would be returning after holidays, but others were leaving us for good, so we couldn’t let the occasion go uncelebrated.

The stage was set, so we spread out our group of twenty-plus Inglans across three lanes and got ready for a competitive, to-the-bitter-end battle. As we rolled our way to the end of the night, discovering along the way who had a secret talent for bowling and who was just there to have a bit of fun, old faces started to drop by after work.