International Food Day at Ingla

International Food Day at Ingla
International Food Day at Ingla presents: The winners!

Friday was the last day of our first term this year, so with exams completed and many of our students finishing their studies, it was time to let our hair down! With learners from all round the globe and in the interests of cultural awareness, we had an International Food Day with all the students bringing in some food from their country.

Inglans arrived throughout the morning and we spread the array of dishes out on tables, buffet-style, so that everyone could try a bit of anything that took their fancy. We had savoury dishes of rice and seafood, focaccia, salad, dumplings, spinach pastries and omelette alongside sweet items such as cheesecake, biscuits, pancakes, chocolates and fairy cakes. To accompany the delicious food, there was a variety of drinks available from juice and fizzy soft drinks to something a little stronger like wine and beer.

International Food Day at Ingla. A great time

Once hungers were satisfied, it was time for the games to commence. First, we created groups of students with mixed nationalities and levels and they chose team names. We then had rounds of quizzes on different subjects – animals, geography, language and general knowledge. Do you know, for example, the first animal which went into outer space, which Pole (North or South) is colder, which language the word ‘loofah’ comes from or which vitamin we get from the sun?

Eating nice food at Ingla International Food Day
One of our students teams at International Food Day

It seemed people had skipped breakfast in anticipation of the tasty treats on offer, so many started sampling the worldwide delights straightaway. Whilst people were munching and chatting (only in English of course!) party tunes got people into a celebratory spirit and there was even a bit of chair dancing!

A lovely time at Ingla School of English

The best team was ‘The Best’ team! Yes – the winning team had chosen team name ‘The Best’! Well, people do say that if you can visualise it, you can achieve it! Happy International Food Day!