Ingla English Level Test

Complete the Ingla English Test to discover your current level of English!


You should aim to complete the test within 20 minutes.

Welcome to your English Level Test

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I'm English. ____ English?
What ______? I'm a doctor.
Do you live in London? No, I _____.
_____ you like a biscuit? Yes, please.
Where ______ at the moment?
She ______ understand the question.
_____ is that? It's a school.
I ____ my homework now.
I don't like _____ at night - it's dangerous.
I haven't got ____ brothers.
Jason lives ____ the school.
What ____ for breakfast? I had bacon and eggs.
Sue and Tom ____ to Japan before.
Don't touch that dog! It ____ bite you.
His brother _____ a bike for Christmas.
The Nile is _____ river in the world.
The man ____ got the job is very intelligent.
Look at the clouds. It ____ rain.
______ octopus in my life.
"I'm very happy," he said. 
He told me that he ____ very happy.
A Ford isn't as expensive as a Mercedes.
A Mercedes is _____ a Ford.
When I was a child, I ____ the piano.
While he ____ to Oxford, he saw an accident.
I can't find it ______.
Sally _____ television since six o'clock.
Their daughter ______.
I'll lend you some money as long as you ____ it back to me.
If I were you, ____ the doctor.
I remembered that I ____ my phone at home.
Mobile phones are ____ common sight today.
She's too old to paint the house herself, so she ____.
She went out ____ a magazine.
What ____ to your hair? It's blue!
I don't like the smell of smoke in my house. I'd rather you ____.
The neighbours ____ out. 
There aren't any lights on in their house.
Supposing you ____ her again.
What would you say?
Shall I come round at seven o'clock?
No, _____ dinner.
I'm not sure who broke the window.
It ____ been the boy next door.
It was raining heavily. _____, we decided to go out.
I wish I ____ a house in the country.
He thinks you'd better ____ the police.
By the time they arrive, the party _____ started.
She _____ for work.
Mmm! This soup ____ delicious!
Not only ____ plays, he directs them as well.
We should go to bed. ____, it is late.
I wouldn't be in this mess if ____ to you.
Alan was very tired. He ___ football all afternoon.
She seems ___ at the party.
___ is a cup of coffee to wake me up.