Ingla Easter Egg Hunt at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Ingla Easter Egg Hunt at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Easter came early to Ingla this year, and in the festive spirit, and spirit of teaching Englishness and not just English, we had the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt at the World’s Greatest Museum, the Victoria and Albert.

Twenty eager students were divided into five groups and set loose inside the V&A. Instead of eggs, though, our students had to wind and wend their way through hundreds of acres of floor space to find a coveted needle in the haystack of priceless artefacts.  These Easter eggs were specially selected items in the museum hidden behind fiendish rhymes and puzzles: “Find…a red chair from Beijing made for a king”, “Stairs where an Egyptian Imam goes on Friday to say salam”, and “A dragon being killed by a Saint, made by an Italian with paint” (a dose of iambic pentameter and passive voice just to keep our students on their toes).

This Easter Egg Hunt was a great opportunity for students to practise their English, expand their cultural horizons, and have a great time in a beautiful museum. In the end, though, there was only one winner, our afternoon B1 class who won free tickets to go bowling in two weeks’ time. See you then, as the Ingla adventure continues…

As soon as we were through the doors everyone fanned out in their teams, searching high and low for the elusive Chinese throne, Egyptian minbar, and epic painting of St George by Italian Renaissance painter, Raphael.  Our students stretched their English to the limit and helped each other admirably as they raced around the V&A and the WhatsApp messages flew fast and furious.  Every two seconds the Ingla phone buzzed and whistled with new photos and texts from students coming in. “Is this it?” “Have I got it right?” “It’s red, and a chair, it must be right!!!”