Bowling Night with Ingla

Bowling Night with Ingla

Pins, balls and special shoes – that can only mean one thing. Yes, Ingla had an evening at Rowans Tenpin Bowl on Friday, to celebrate finishing exams and the end of the term! This was also an evening to say a fond farewell to one of our teachers, Nelson, who is off to warmer climes and new adventures.

A group of students and teachers met at Rowans and the first thing we all needed to do was get our bowling shoes – very stylish! We split into groups, went to our lanes and entered our names into the electronic scoreboards. Some people got a drink from the bar, then the games were on!

Students -bowling-outside

There were some strikes and spares, but there were also plenty of zero scores when no pins went down. Congratulations to the Bowling night winners, commiserations to the losers! However, we should certainly say “Well done everyone!” as we must remember that it’s the taking part which is important, not the winning. We all had a fun time with lots of laughs.


Everyone had a different technique and there were some good, some bad and some ugly!! Some started far away and took a long run up while others stood at the line and relied on strength to get the ball down to the pins. Some players wiggled their bottoms and threw the ball with spin but others sent the ball on a zig zag journey, bouncing off the barriers.

Then it was time to say our goodbyes to Nelson. Luckily there weren’t too many tears but plenty of people saying thank you and good luck. We sang “For he’s a jolly good fellow”, gave cards and presents and took lots of photos. After a few drinks, some were a bit ‘merrier’ than others – I hope you all got home safely!

Bowling group