Short Courses

Cambridge FCE: Use of English

Our Short Course on Cambridge First: Use of English is perfect to help you improve your skills on what is often described as the most difficult part of the exam!

This is a short but intense, 4-week course that focuses only on Parts 1-4 of the Reading and Use of English section of the Cambridge FCE (B2) exam. These are the sections of the exam that students most often struggle with. This online course will give you the skills and strategies to succeed on the multiple-choice and open cloze , word formation, and key word transformations tasks of the FCE exam. In addition to exam techniques, there will be language practice with word families (making adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc.), collocations (combinations of words that naturally go together), paraphrasing and other skills that are proven to be successful on Cambridge exams.

  • Collocations
  • Word families / Word formation
  • Using prediction to your advantage
  • Paraphrasing
  • Identifying missing grammar for part 4
  • Specialised techniques for Use of English tasks
  • Authentic exam practice
  • 3 days per week, 1 hour per day, for 4 weeks
  • 12 total hours of online classroom Teacher Time
  • Maximum 8 students
IELTS: Writing

Our Short Course for IELTS Writing is perfect to help you develop your written communication skills. 

This is a short, but intense course that focuses only on IELTS writing. A variety of essay types for both Writing Task 1 and Task 2 will be covered. These include line graphs, maps, diagrams, tables, agree/disagree essays, and many more. This course will also cover the best language and grammar to use to ensure success for each type of writing task. You will get lots of personalised feedback from an experienced, CELTA-qualified teacher, and because of our small class sizes, you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get the attention you need.

  • Line graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Tables
  • Diagrams/Processes
  • Maps
  • Agree/disagree essay
  • 3 days per week, 1 hour per day, for 4 weeks
  • 12 total hours of online classroom Teacher Time
  • Maximum 8 students

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