Online One-to-One Lessons

For students who want to improve their English, but don’t have the time to take a full course, One-to-One lessons are an ideal solution.

One-to-Ones are perfect for hardworking people who want flexibility in their schedule and who want an English class that’s designed just for them. Perhaps you have gaps in your English skills that you want to sit down and focus on with a teacher, or maybe you’re preparing for an exam and need the last finishing touches to reach your goal.

Whatever your aim, a One-to-One class can be created to address your individual needs. In these lessons you’re the centre of attention, and one of our teachers can focus on your requirements.

Ingla’s online One-to-One lessons mean that you can learn from qualified and experienced teachers, from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you live in the world!

How to start learning with Ingla.Online

1: Find out your level

2: talk to us about your availability

3: Create your online profile