General English Courses – Upper Intermediate (B2)

General English Courses – Upper Intermediate (B2)

General English Classes are perfect to improve your English all round.

In each lesson, the four primary skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are developed and practiced.

Each class is 90 minutes long.

Classes are available morning and afternoon, Monday – Friday.

To see the best improvement in your English, we recommend that you study consistently for a course of regular classes for 12 weeks.

Who is Upper Intermediate for?

This is a General English class for people who want to raise the level of their English to a professional or academic standard. This is the level where your English starts to become more complex and closer to native speakers.

In the Upper-Intermediate class you will learn new ways of expressing yourself with intensive speaking, listening, reading and writing practice. You will also learn lots of new grammar to elevate your English and talk about things that you may now find difficult.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

· Tell a story using past simple, continuous, and perfect

· Talk about past habits and things in your routine now

· Describe feelings

· Give advice and talk about rules and obligations

· Talk about the future more naturally using different grammar

· Talk about if and when

· Write an opinion essay

· Talk about and understand the news

· Report what other people have said

· Use the passive in a natural and effective way

Language Areas

In the Upper Intermediate course, you will study the following topics.


· Past Tenses (Simple, Continuous, and Perfect)

· “Used to” for past habits

· Modals for advice (“should” and “ought to”)

· Modals for obligation (“have to” and “must”)

· Modals for making offers, requests and asking for permission

· In-Depth study of the First Conditional for realistic situations

· Introduction to the Second and Third conditionals for imaginary situations

· Using different Future forms like “will” and “going to”

· The Passive voice for all times and tenses

Vocabulary and Topics

· Learning a foreign language

· Giving and responding to opinions

· Going to the cinema, and giving opinions about different types of films

· Work-related experiences

· Family traditions

· The natural world

· Describing a special meal

· Giving recommendations