General English Courses – Pre-Intermediate (A2)

General English Courses- Pre-Intermediate (A2)

General English Classes are perfect to improve your English all round.

In each lesson, the four primary skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are developed and practiced.

Each class is 90 minutes long.

Classes are available morning and afternoon, Monday – Friday.

To see the best improvement in your English, we recommend that you study consistently for a course of regular classes for 12 weeks.

Who is Pre-Intermediate for?

This General English course is for people who want to increase their confidence and improve their level of English. The Pre-Intermediate course will challenge you to start using more than just basic English with fun and achievable tasks.

Pre-Intermediate is the level in which students start to become more fluent when they speak and more comfortable using English for more than just their everyday needs. This class will focus on all four skills, but especially on your listening, speaking and grammar.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

·Make predictions about what might and will happen in the future

· Compare things using adjectives

· Give advice

· Talk about clothes and appearance

· Talk about your plans and dreams

· Make questions without auxiliary verbs

· Understand when to use “make” or “do”

· Use prepositions (in, on at) better

· Talk about how long you’ve done something

Language Areas

In the Pre-Intermediate course, you will study the following topics.


· When to use present perfect or past simple

· How to use present perfect with a time phrase (for.., since…)

· How to use “will” and “might” for predictions

· Using present continuous for future arrangements

· Using “something”, “anything”, and “nothing”

· Introduction to phrasal verbs

· Using “used to” to talk about past habits

· Subject, object, and possessive pronouns

· Modals to give advice

Vocabulary and Topics

· Describing people’s appearance and personality

· Airports

· Diet and lifestyle

· Returning goods and making complaints

· Books and reading

· Talking to people in shops

· Showing interest in conversations

· How to make offers and suggestions

· Social media friends