General English Courses- Beginner

General English Courses- Beginner

General English Classes are perfect to improve your English all round. In each lesson, the four primary skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are developed and practiced.

Each class is 90 minutes long.

Classes are available morning and afternoon, Monday – Friday.

To see the best improvement in your English, we recommend that you study consistently for a course of regular classes for 12 weeks.

Who is Beginners for?

This General English course is for people who are just starting to learn English. You already know a few words, basic greetings, and a little bit of grammar, but you want a class to practise speaking and listening every day.

This class will focus on all four skills (Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing) and give you a solid foundation to understand English grammar, how to form sentences, and there will be lots of pronunciation practice.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

· Form simple positive and negative sentences about the past and present

· Ask questions and understand what question words mean (Who, What, Why…)

· Talk about your daily routines, and communication your basic needs

· Talk about things happening now using the present continuous

· Tell the time and say the date

· Use prepositions of time and place (in, on, at…)

· Identify things using “There is…/There are…”

· Understand when to use the articles “a/an/the”

· Give personal information either by speaking or completing a form

· Use the most common, high-frequency words in English

Language Areas

In the Beginners course, you will study the following topics.


· How to use the verb “to be”

· How to ask questions with “Wh-“ words

· Word order in questions

· How to talk about possession

· How to use adverbs of frequency like “often, never, and sometimes”

· Using “There is/There are” to identify things

· Present Simple and Continuous

· Past Simple

· What regular and irregular verbs are

Vocabulary and Topics

· Numbers

· Days of the week

· Colours and common adjectives

· Countries and nationalities

· Family

· Food and drink

· Jobs and workplaces

· Clothes

· Holidays and travel

· Meeting new people