General English Courses – Advanced

General English Courses – Advanced (C1)

General English Classes are perfect to improve your English all round.

In each lesson, the four primary skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are developed and practiced.

Each class is 90 minutes long.

Classes are available morning and afternoon, Monday – Friday.

To see the best improvement in your English, we recommend that you study consistently for a course of regular classes for 12 weeks.

Who is Advanced for?

This Advanced course is for students who feel comfortable with complex grammar and have a good vocabulary, but they want to sound more natural and fluent. This level focuses on the fine details that separate a very good English speaker from somebody who can communicate like a native speaker.

Our Advanced course is all about communication and listening practice, but it also offers lots of grammar input and writing practice.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

· Talk about what your future plans were in the past

· Feel comfortable in formal conversations

· Report facts in a more impersonal and academic way

· Speculate about the future

· Add emphasis to what you say with sophisticated techniques

· Talk about imaginary and hypothetical situations

· Deal with conflict using effective language

· Use idioms and expressions more naturally

· Write a variety of texts in different tones and registers

Language Areas

In the Advanced course, you will study the following topics.


· Using the perfect aspect to connect different time periods

· How to use the continuous aspect

· Adverbs and adverbial phrases

· Speculation and deduction

· Using inversion to add emphasis

· How to use ellipsis and substitution to avoid repetition

· Unreal conditionals for imaginary situations

· Future in the past

· Cleft sentences

· Using complex relative clauses

· How to use participle clauses to sound more natural

Vocabulary and Topics

· Being tactful in formal discussions

· Learning languages

· Working and volunteering abroad

· Sharing information to improve cities

· Talking about the environment and green issues

· Presenting an application for a grant

· Time management and multitasking

· Talking about proposed laws

· Discussing gender differences

· Urban migration