English for Work

English for Work

This is a 3-week short course at Ingla. Each lesson is 90 minutes long and takes place in the afternoon. 

This course is most effective if you complete the whole module from beginning to end.

Who is English for Work for?

English for Work is intended for students whose level of English is A2 to B1 level. Lessons are engaging and fun, but also functional and useful. This course aims to give you the skills you need to find, apply for, and succeed in the workplace in the UK. All lessons are based around tasks that you will find in the real world of work, whether it’s searching for a job, preparing a CV, interviewing for a job, and more.


  • Specific grammar and language for a CV
  • Present Perfect Simple to describe achievements
  • Present Perfect Continuous to talk about responsibilities and work you have been doing
  • Present Continuous to talk about technological problems
  • Future forms to talk about goals and aims


Vocabulary & Topics

  • Words used in job adverts
  • Adjectives to describe yourself and previous work
  • Phrases to be polite at work
  • Talking about accomplishments in the past
  • Talking about future goals
  • How to structure a covering letter to match a job advert

By the end of this course you’ll be able to…

  • Understand how to read job adverts
  • Prepare an eye-catching CV or complete a job application
  • Write a covering letter that shows your best side
  • Feel confident in a job interview
  • Feel comfortable with the vocabulary and jargon of online work

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