Today, 19 July, is being called Freedom Day around the UK, because all Covid-19 restrictions will finally be removed. What does this mean for you? What changes will you see around London? And how will this affect you and your classes at Ingla?


Wearing a mask will now be optional, and a personal choice, in many places. In most crowded places you will still be encouraged to wear your mask. This includes the tube, buses, and supermarkets.


There will be no limits on socialising. You can get together in your home or outside with as many people as you like. There will also be no limits on social events like weddings and funerals. You will not need to socially distance except in special cases like at the airport, for example.


If you are fully vaccinated (2 jabs) you will not have to quarantine if you travel to the UK from a country that’s on the Green or Amber travel lists. You will need to show proof that you’ve been vaccinated.

At Ingla

Our teachers will continue to wear masks or visors for your safety. You can continue to wear your mask if you choose to do so. One change is that we will remove our limits on the number of students that can be in one classroom. We will return to our old limit of 10-12 students in a class. We will also re-start our Enrichment programme, which means we’re going to have pub nights and school trips again.

We hope this information has been useful. Things are almost back to normal. Stay safe, Inglans, and enjoy Freedom Day!