Happy New Year! 


On Monday 4th of January 2021, the British government announced a new national lockdown to ease the spread of the Coronavirus. 

In response, to this we, at Ingla School of English, have decided to delay our return to at-school lessons. This means that there will be no at-school classes running at Ingla until at least 20th of February 2021. We have taken this difficult but necessary step because the health and wellbeing of Inglans and members of the Ingla Team is our top priority.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and are following advice given to us by the government and also EnglishUK. For any Inglans who are worried, concerned or need support of any kind, we are here for you so please call us on 07904 417891 or email us at admin@ingla.co.uk. Do your best to stay safe, wash your hands regularly and self-isolate if you think you (or anyone you live with) is showing signs of any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus.

But there is good news! You can still learn and improve your English by learning online with Ingla! We have a wide range of short online courses available at all levels and at a range of times. Look at our website to view all courses and the timetables of lessons.

For those of you who have already booked at-school courses, hopefully you’ve already joined our online courses. But, if you haven’t, we’ll be contacting you soon to discuss your Ingla Booking.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and look forward to the good times that are ahead – we can’t wait for them to start!

From all of us in the Ingla Team, see you soon and stay safe!