Covid-19 Response 18/03/20

Covid-19 Response 18/03/20

Ingla’s updated response to the Coronavirus pandemic – 18th March 2020

Earlier this afternoon, the government announced that schools across the UK will close at the end of the school day on Friday 20th March and will remain closed until further notice in order to help slow the spread of Covid-19.


In response, to this we, at Ingla School of English, have decided to suspend our normal classes as from Friday afternoon. This means that there will be no classes running at Ingla next week in any of our time slots. We have taken this difficult but necessary step because the health and wellbeing of Inglans and members of the Ingla Team is our biggest priority.


Although our classes will not be running next week, members of the Ingla Team will be working and we are planning to still deliver the end-of-course exams as planned. We will be sending the exams to our different groups via WhatsApp and will be asking those of you who complete them to email this back to us.


We are monitoring the situation very closely and are following advice given to us by the government and also EnglishUK. For any of you who are worried, concerned or need support of any kind, we are here for you so please call us on 07904 417891 or email us at Do your best to stay safe, wash your hands regularly and self-isolate if you think you (or anyone you live with) is showing signs of any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus.


Our aim is to restart courses at the start of next term (from Monday 6th April) and we are working hard to set up online learning systems in case we are not able to open the building on this date. More information on this will follow soon.


These are difficult and unusual times but we are confident that together we can overcome the challenges ahead and get back to some kind of normality within just a few weeks.


We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to the good times that will happen once this storm is over.